Bronze Medal of Valor - Jonathon Osborne

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Osborne, Jonathon
Police Officer Jonathon J. Osborne
Bronze Medal of Valor

On the evening of February 20, 2011, Officer Jonathon Osborne was patrolling the area of Piscataway Road and Old Branch Avenue in Clinton when he observed heavy black smoke rising from a nearby neighborhood. Officer Osborne quickly responded to the neighborhood and followed the heavy smoke to the 5800 block of Barnes Drive.  Officer Osborne arrived on scene and placed a call over the radio to start Fire/EMS Department for a house fire.

As heavy smoke and raging fire rolled from the garage into the house, Officer Osborne ran to the front door to see if anyone was still inside.  As he approached, he could see a man on the inside of the burning house, trying to open the front door. For reasons that were unclear at the time, the man left the door and walked toward another part of the house. Realizing the imminent danger the man was in, Officer Osborne retrieved his ASP baton and broke the glass out of the storm door and called out, but the man didn’t answer. Officer Osborne then kicked in the front door. With the fire raging and smoke blinding his vision, Officer Osborne reached out, located the man and pulled him to safety.  Officer Osborne escorted the man, who was suffering from smoke inhalation and third degree burns on his hands, to a safe location where he received medical attention from the responding Fire/EMS personnel.  Officer Osborne then assisted other neighbors who were being evacuated from their homes as a precaution. It was only after the fire that Officer Osborne learned the man was unable to open the door due to the burns to his hands.

Officer Osborne willingly placed himself at great risk to rescue a man trapped inside his burning home.  And thanks to his quick thinking and courageous actions, a man’s life was saved and a tragedy was averted.

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