Bronze Medal of Valor - Jeffrey S Benson

Police, Valor Awards

Benson, Jeffrey
Police Officer Jeffrey S. Benson
Bronze Medal of Valor

On January 9, 2009, Police Officer Jeffrey Benson was dispatched to the Giant Food in the 7000 block of Allentown Road for an armed robbery in progress. Upon his arrival, Officer Benson confronted the suspect who was armed with a large knife.  He ordered the suspect to drop the knife. The suspect refused his commands and raised the knife in a threatening manner.

Officer Benson knew he had to act fast; the knife wielding suspect posed an imminent threat to the numerous citizens in the area.  For the safety of those citizens, Officer Benson was unable to discharge his firearm. Therefore, he utilized a less than lethal tactic to disarm and incapacitate the suspect.  He was then able to take the suspect into custody without further incident.  Officer Benson’s quick and decisive actions, while exposed to unusual risk, resulted in the apprehension of an armed and dangerous felon.

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