Bronze Medal of Valor - Harold J Simms III

Incident #5

Sergeant Harold J. Simms, III
Sergeant Harold J. Simms, III
Bronze Medal of Valor

On February 12, 2007, officers were approached by several citizens stating a suicidal female was threatening to jump from an overpass on Annapolis Road onto the Baltimore Washington Parkway. The officers immediately located the female who was sitting with her feet hanging over the edge of the overpass. She cut her left wrist in an effort to kill herself and stated that she wanted to die. The officers began talking with the distraught female, quickly gaining her confidence.
Sergeant Simms responded to the scene and continued the negotiations with the female. With the plummeting temperatures, the female began to show symptoms of hyperthermia. Sergeant Simms realized that without immediate medical attention she could lose consciousness and fall from the overpass. He knew that he had to act quickly to end the female’s suicide attempt. Sergeant Simms’ relentless efforts at negotiations gained the confidence of the female, who eventually placed her feet back on the sidewalk side of the railing, but she refused to move from the ledge. Additional officers responded to the scene and deployed an inflatable air bag below the bridge in the event that the female carried out her threat.
Sergeant Simms continued to move closer to the female in the event she attempted to leap and he had to perform a rescue. He was in the process of being secured with a rope, when the female became distracted by the movement of the officers, at which time, Sergeant Simms tackled the female. After a short struggle, the woman was placed into custody without further injury. For his heroic actions, while facing great personal risk to save the life of another, Sergeant Simms is awarded the Bronze Medal of Valor.

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