Bronze Medal of Valor - Copley; Perdomo; Grill; Walford; Rufino

Incident #3

Corporal Millard Copley, Jr.
Bronze Medal of Valor
Corporal Josefina Perdomo
Bronze Medal of Valor
Corporal Andrew A. Grill
Bronze Medal of Valor
Corporal Fred Walford
Bronze Medal of Valor
Police Officer Jason A. Rufino
Bronze Medal of Valor

On July 29, 2007 officers were dispatched to 1800 Metzerott Road for a cutting.  The 9-1-1 call taker advised officers that she could hear the sounds of a violent altercation in the background and things being thrown around the apartment.  Corporal Copley was the first officer to arrive on the scene and was met in the lobby by the victim, who was suffering from a cut on her forearm.  The victim stated that the suspect was still in the apartment and did not live there.  She also stated that there were several knives in the apartment, including a machete.  At that time Corporals Walford, Grill and Perdomo and Officer Rufino went up to the apartment. 

Several attempts were made to get the suspect to come out of the apartment.  The suspect locked the door and could be heard moving furniture against the door in effort to barricade her self in the apartment.  Fearing for the safety of the suspect, the officers obtained a key to the apartment from maintenance personnel and unlocked the door.  Together, the officers were able to force the door open and move the furniture that was barricading the door.  Using sound police tactics, Corporals Walford, Grill and Perdomo and Officer Rufino searched the apartment and located the potentially armed suspect hiding on the balcony.  The suspect was highly agitated and acting irrational.  Using sound verbal communication skills Corporal Grill was able to successfully coach the suspect off of the 10th floor balcony and back into the apartment.  The bravery and teamwork displayed by these officers were directly responsible for the immediate apprehension of this armed dangerous individual.


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