Bronze Medal of Valor - Brendan Gill

Gill, Brendan
Police Officer First Class Brendan P. Gill
Bronze Medal of Valor

On the evening of August 28, 2011, Police Officer First Class Brendan Gill had just finished working a traffic assignment at the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Piney Branch Road in Adelphi.  As he was leaving the area, he noticed a large quantity of smoke coming from a nearby residential area.

Officer Gill drove approximately two blocks into Montgomery County to the 1600 block of Parham Drive. There, he found an occupied, single- family house, which had fire and smoke coming from the basement. Without hesitation, Officer Gill placed a shirt over his nose and mouth and entered the burning house to evacuate the occupants. Officer Gill quickly located the residents and assisted them in their evacuation.

As a result of Officer Gill’s heroic actions, all four occupants were safely able to exit the house, escaping with only minor injuries.  During the course of his actions, Officer Gill inhaled a large quantity of smoke and was transported to Holy Cross Hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Officer Gill knowingly and voluntarily placed himself at risk to protect the lives of others.  And, due to his quick response and courageous actions, Officer Gill rescued four citizens from a burning house and averted a possible tragedy.

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