Various divisions in the Police Department include:

  • Fiscal Management Division
  • Training and Education Division
  • Special Operation Division
  • Criminal Investigations Division
  • Narcotic Enforcement Division
  • Planning and Research Division
  • Forensic Science Division
  • Records / Property Management Division

Fiscal Management Division

The Fiscal Management Division oversees the budgeting, accounting, payroll, and the financial reporting functions for Police Department. The Division includes Fiscal Affairs Unit and the Property Warehouse Unit.

Training and Education Division


Major Mark Person


Assistant Commander
Captain Oscar Rodriguez

Training and Education
4380 Forbes Boulevard
Lanham, Maryland 20706
Phone (301) 794-1000
Fax(301) 794-1096


The Training and Education Division is comprised of Basic Officer Training, the Career Development Section, and Weapons & Survival Skills. High-quality training is provided for both sworn and civilian employees in accordance with applicable rules and regulations of the Maryland Police and Correction Training Commission (MPCTC).

Special Operations Division 

The Special Operations Division is comprised of the Aviation Section, Canine Section, Tactical Section, Traffic Enforcement Section, and the Special Services Section. The Special Operations Division consists of highly trained personnel with specialized weapons, vehicles, and equipment designed to enhance police operations and resolve critical incidents. Read More..

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of the Homicide Section, Robbery Section, Special Crimes Section, and Evidence Section. Read More..

Narcotic Enforcement Division

The Narcotic Enforcement Division’s mission is to investigate the illegal use, possession, and distribution of drugs that impact Prince George's County. The Narcotic Enforcement Division investigates narcotic violations at all levels, from the street distribution level up through large scale drug trafficking organizations. Three sections within the Narcotic Enforcement Division are utilized to achieve this mission. Read More..

Planning and Research Division

The Planning and Research Division is comprised of the Policy Section, Accreditation Section, and the Futures Section. Responsibilities include researching, writing and producing the Department's written policies and procedures; complying with the standards established by the Commission for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) standards; researching the latest technology available to law enforcement officers, and strategically planning for the Department's future.

Forensic Science Division

A vital part of the internal operations of the Police Department is the Forensic Science Division. The Forensic Science Division takes the forensic sciences and applies them to the law. The Division encompasses both sworn and civilian personnel, and is comprised of the Administrative Office, the DNA/Serology Laboratory, the Drug Analysis Laboratory, the Firearms Examination Unit, and the Regional Automated Fingerprint Identification System (RAFIS) Latent Fingerprint Unit. Read More..

Records/Property Management Division

Records/Property Management Division oversees the documentation of information to ensure that policies and procedures are implemented for the creation, use, maintenance, safeguarding, and disposal of information and records and property in accordance with approved regulations and guidelines.






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