Special Operations Division

Special Operations CenterThe Special Operations Division is comprised of the Aviation Section, Canine Section, Tactical Section, Traffic Enforcement Section, and the Special Services Section. The Special Operations Division consists of highly trained personnel with specialized weapons, vehicles, and equipment designed to enhance police operations and resolve critical incidents.

The Aviation Unit is responsible for providing air support to patrol operations and surveillance for investigative units also to assist other jurisdiction when called upon. They also provide assistance during National, State, and local emergencies and special events.

The Canine Section is responsible for providing support to patrol operations by conducting searches. The canines are used to search and locate criminals, articles, and lost or missing persons. The canines are also used to locate drugs and explosive material.

The Tactical Section is comprised of the Tactical Squads and the Emergency Services Team. The Tactical Squads perform a variety of functions to include saturation patrol, prevent or suppress criminal activity and enhance traffic safety in areas having a high incidence of violations and accidents. The section consists of highly trained personnel who are skilled at using special weapons and tactics for the safe resolution of high-risk situations. The primary purpose of the Tactical Section is to provide specialized support to all other units within the Police Department. This includes executing all high-risk search and seizure warrants conducted by the Department. Members of this unit also assist with barricade situations, perform ceremonial duties and participate in color guard and honor guard assignments.

The Traffic Enforcement Section is comprised of the Motors Unit and Collision Analysis & Reconstruction Unit (C.A.R.U.). The Motor Unit’s responsibilities are to provide a specially trained, highly visible and mobile force for selective enforcement of accident-causing motor vehicle violations to also include traffic enforcement, school traffic and pedestrians safety surveys, presidential detail escorts, and funeral and parade escorts. Officers assigned to the Collision Analysis Reconstruction Unit are highly trained and specially equipped personnel in the field of motor vehicle collision investigation and reconstruction. The unit coordinates selective traffic enforcement, the department’s alcohol testing program, and commercial vehicle inspections.

The Special Services Section is composed of the Marine Unit, the National Harbor Unit, Special Events Unit, and also coordinates the Civil Disturbance Unit for the Department. The Marine Unit is responsible for the enforcement of maritime and criminal laws on the tidal waters of Prince George’s County. These bodies of water include the Potomac, Patuxent, and Anacostia Rivers. The Special Events Unit assumes the responsibility for coordinating, training, scheduling, and planning the Department’s involvement with all large scale events including those events held at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. The National Harbor Unit provides police service to the National Harbor and the citizens who visit the newly developed tourist attraction on the Potomac River. The Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) provides the Prince George’s County Police Department with the capability to appropriately respond to large public gatherings, demonstrations, disturbances or other public safety incidents requiring a level of response that exceeds the capabilities of normal patrol operations

Special Operations Center

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