Narcotic Enforcement Division

The Narcotic Enforcement Division’s mission is to investigate the illegal use, possession, and distribution of drugs that impact Prince George's County. The Narcotic Enforcement Division investigates narcotic violations at all levels, from the street distribution level up through large scale drug trafficking organizations. Three sections within the Narcotic Enforcement Division are utilized to achieve this mission.

The Major Narcotic Section conducts long term investigations that target large scale drug trafficking organizations. The Major Narcotic Section’s investigations routinely focus on organizations that import drugs into Prince George’s County from regional, interstate, and international sources. To accomplish its mission, the Major Narcotic Section participates with several federally sponsored multi-jurisdictional task forces. Our task force partners include the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The Street Narcotic Section concentrates its efforts on street level drug enforcement in communities throughout Prince George’s County. The Street Narcotic Section conducts short term investigations focusing on localized open-air drug distribution, “crack houses,” and prostitution.

The Support Staff assists both the Major Narcotic Section and the Street Narcotic Section with their investigations. Narcotic Detection Canines are utilized as a part of the Division’s drug interdiction efforts to alert investigators to the presence of illegal drugs. The Technical Operations Unit assists investigators with expertise in the field of covert surveillance. The Asset Investigation Unit conducts investigations into the illegal financial transactions that support the illicit narcotic trade in Prince George’s County. Disruption of the money laundering activities that provide the profit for drug dealers assists greatly in the disruption and dismantlement of drug trafficking organizations.

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