Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of the Homicide Section, Robbery Section, Special Crimes Section, and Evidence Section.

The Homicide Section is comprised of the Homicide Unit, the Homicide Cold Case Unit and the “Safe StreetsViolent Crime Task Force. The Homicide Unit is responsible for the investigation of all murders, suicides, suspicious deaths, accidental deaths (except those by motor vehicle), arson-related deaths, and child abuse cases that result in death. The Homicide Cold Case Unit is responsible for developing new leads and targeting unsolved murder cases – many of which occurred several years ago – along with assisting other law enforcement agencies with their homicide cases and investigative leads. The Prince George’s County/FBI “Safe Streets” Violent Crime Task Force combines County resources with the FBI and Maryland State Police to identify, investigate, and prosecute violent criminal gangs, crews, groups, and organizations. The participating agencies focus their efforts on those who use violence as a means of establishing and/or promoting their criminal enterprise and who are involved in criminal activities to include drug trafficking, carjackings, drug-related homicides, and armed robberies.

The Robbery Section is comprised of the Robbery Unit and the Repeat Offenders Unit. The Robbery Unit investigates involving commercial, residential, and courier robberies. Detectives from this unit also investigate kidnappings and extortion cases occurring in Prince George’s County. The Repeat Offenders Unit is tasked with identifying, locating, and apprehending those individuals who are involved in violent criminal behavior as a life-style. The Repeat Offenders Unit serves arrest warrants for murder, robbery, and sexual assault.

The Special Crimes Section is comprised of the Child and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Unit, the Sexual Assault Unit, and the Sex Offender Registration Unit. The Child and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Unit investigates cases involving the physical and sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. Additionally, cases of child abandonment, parental abduction, and child custody disputes that reach the level of criminality are investigated by this unit. The Sexual Assault Unit investigates cases of rape and sexual offenses, as well as sexual assaults in the County Detention Center. The Sexual Offender Registration Unit (SORU) manages the County’s convicted sex offender population. Members of this unit register and monitor sex offenders who reside, work, or attend school in Prince George’s County. The SORU conducts investigations to verify residence, work, and school addresses, and arrests those that fail to comply with their registration requirements.

The Evidence Section offers 24-hour technical service to the Prince George’s County Police Department and other Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies within Prince George’s County. The Evidence Unit provides crime scene evidence examination, collection, processing, and storage for cases investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division and other departmental components.

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