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Testing Attire and Policies

Prince George’s County Police Officers are held to a high standard. Below is an example of the professional attire required for the tests? Applicants failing to meet this requirement are subject to removal and will be requested to test when properly attired.

Physical Requirement Test

Professional Athletic attire is required for the Applicant Physical Requirement Test (Minimum; Short Sleeve Shirt and Shorts covering to mid thigh, No offensive material).

Written Exam

Professional Business attire is required for the Written Exam (Men: Jacket, Dress Shirt, Dress Pants, Dress Shoes and Tie; Hair groomed neatly), (Women: Dress Blouse, Dress Pants, Dress Shoes; Hair groomed neatly).


Piercings/Earrings: Applicants are prohibited from wearing ear, nose, tongue and facial piercings/rings. However, Female applicants may wear one symmetrical set of ear rings, not extending below the earlobe.

Bags/Electronics: Applicants are prohibited for bringing in any bags (i.e. backpacks, purses) and electronics (i.e. phones, iPod, mp3).

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