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Orphans' Court

14735 Main Street, D4012
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

(301) 952-3790
Fax: (301) 952-4489

  • Wendy A. Cartwright, Chief Judge
  • Athena Malloy Groves, Associate Judge
  • Vicky L. Ivory-Orem, Associate Judge
  • Denise E. Eason, Administrative Assistant IV
  • Jennifer Riedel, Administrative Assistant
  • Kristin Thompson, Courtroom Clerk

Business Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

The Orphans' Court is a public office established under the Constitution of Maryland. There is an elected three person panel Orphans' Court for each county and the City of Baltimore with the exceptions of Harford and Montgomery counties. Each judge of the court is required to be admitted to practice law in the State of Maryland and elected by qualified voters for a four-year term of office at the time of the gubernatorial election.

The Court hears all matters involving decedent's estates which are contested and supervises all those estates which are probated judicially. The Court approves accounts and awards personal representative's commissions and attorney's fees, when applicable. The Court also has concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Court in the guardianships of minors and their property. All matters involving the validity of wills and the transfer of property in which legal questions and disputes occur are resolved by the Orphans' Court.

Daily Court Docket

dailydocket  Usually posted ~5:00PM previous court business day