Telecommunications Transmission Facility Coordinating Committee (TTFCC)

Duties and Responsibilities

The TTFCC encourages the co-location of telecommunication facilities on existing structures and minimizes the community impact of new telecommunication facilities by promoting alternative sites and techniques to mitigate the visual impact. The TTFCC reviews and makes recommendations to the telecommunication carriers on their cell tower applications.


For further information or questions regarding the Telecommunication Transmission Facility Coordinating Committee, please contact the County's Telecommunications Transmission Facility Coordinator at 301-933-1488.


  • Michelle Lyons, TTFCC Chair, Department of Permitting, Inspections & Enforcement Permits
  • ​Clarence Moseley, Department of Permitting, Inspections & Enforcement Permits
  • Lakisha Pingshaw, Office of Information Technology
  • Debbie Gallagher, Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission
  • Vincent Curl, County Public Schools
  • Erv Beckert, Department of Permitting, Inspections & Enforcement Permits
  • Frank Porter, County Council

Tower Coordinator (Columbia Telecommunications Corporation): Robert Hunnicutt

Application Forms

Co-location application effective July 1, 2010co-location-application
Minor Modification application effective July 1, 2010minor-modification-application
New Structure application effective July 1, 2010new-structure-application

Other Information

Radio Frequency Compliance Assessment Report 2008RFAssessmentReport_022808
2009 Annual Tower Report with Appendices 2009 Annual Tower Report with appendices_030110
Application Instructions and Review Processapplication-instructions-and-review-process-2010
Final 2008 Annual ReportFinal 2008 Annual Report_040709
Final Report RPH 09/13/10final-report-rph-091310
Master Plan Map 2008-2009Master Plan_2008-2009_v2.0
Master Plan Map 2008-2009 w/2007 sitesMaster Plan_2008-2009_v2-w_2007_FutureSites
Master Plan 2009-2010Master Plan_2009-2010_v3.0_Final
Master Plan Map Master Plan0921_07FINAL
Master Plan 2012-2013 MasterPlan_2012-2013
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