Notification of Action - April 16, 2014

​9400 Peppercorn Place, Conference Room 124
Largo, Maryland 20774

Notification of Action April 16, 2014

Audio Conference Line: 301-883-6600; Pass code 347858

Consent Agenda

Recommended without Reservations

1. Case #2713-2014 Co-location – Gaylord Conference Center; Council 8
Sprint - 201 Waterfront Street, National Harbor

Regular Agenda

Recommended with Reservations

2. Case #4193-2014 New – Verizon Bldg-Landover; Council 5
Verizon - 7781 Landover Road; Landover

Conditioned on Verizon Wireless considering co-locating antennas atop the existing monopole at the Kentland VFD. In the event that the County grants the applicant’s request for a special exception for a new monopole to be constructed at the Verizon property, we note that antennas at a lower elevation as discussed in this report could meet the applicant’s stated coverage objective. Because there will also be an emergency power generator at this location, we condition our recommendation on the noise from the generator meeting the County’s standards for noise limits.

3. Case #6277-2014 Co-location – Holiday Inn College Park; Council 1
Verizon - 10000 Baltimore Avenue; College Park

Conditioned on conformance with the DDO and on the generator complying with the limits in the County's Noise Ordinance

Administrative Approvals*

Recommended without Reservations

4. Case #2712-2014 Minor Modification – MC Warehouse; Council 1
Verizon - 6623 Mid Cities Avenue; Beltsville

5. Case #3234-2014 Minor Modification – Capital College-Beltsville; Council 1
Sprint 11233 Springfield Road; Beltsville

6. Case #4064-2014 Minor Modification – Vallario-Fort Washington; Council 8
AT&T - 10905 Fort Washington Road; Fort Washington

7. Case #4917-2014 Minor Modification – CMS Tower; Council 4
Verizon - 1049 Prince Georges Boulevard; Upper Marlboro

8. Case #4918-2014 Minor Modification – Old Gunpowder Monopole; Council 1
Verizon - 12011 Old Gunpowder Road; Beltsville

9. Case #5379-2014 Minor Modification – Chevet Manor Apts.; Council 7
Verizon - 4545 Wheeler Avenue; Oxon Hill

10. Case #5381-2014 Minor Modification – MD Trade Center; Council 4
Verizon - 7501 Greenway Center Drive; Greenbelt

11. Case #5826-2014 Minor Modification – Wildercroft E.S.; Council 3
Sprint - 6700 Riverdale Road; Riverdale

12. Case #5827-2014 Minor Modification – Cheverly/PG Hospital; Council 5
Sprint/Nextel - 3007 Hospital Drive; Landover

13. Case #5828-2014 Minor Modification – Merchants Terminal; Council 5
Sprint - 1811 Cabin Branch Drive; Landover

14. Case #7820-2014 Minor Modification – Emerson House; Council 5
Verizon - 5999 Emerson Street; Bladensburg

*Facility Coordinator Report not required

Discussion Item

There are no discussion items on the agenda this month.

*Facility Coordinator Report not required

The TTFCC stamped copy of the above referenced application packages are ready for pick-up from Department of Permitting, Inspections & Enforcement Permits Center (9400 Peppercorn Place, Suite 123, Largo, Maryland), between 8:30 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.

Applications receiving a TTFCC recommendation must conform to the Building Code, the Zoning Ordinance and other applicable laws and regulations including private building restrictions, if any, which relate to the property prior to permit issuance.

All applications to be reviewed by the TTFCC Committee must be submitted to the Permits Office by the last Wednesday of each month.

Please note that the TTFCC meetings are held on the 3rd (third) Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at 9400 Peppercorn Place, Suite 124, Largo, Maryland 20774.

Service providers must submit general location plans of facilities that are anticipated to be built in the future, to the County no later than July 31st of each year. The general location of the future facilities must be identified on a copy of the Councilmanic District Map. These yearly submissions must be sent directly to TTFCC Chairperson, Michelle Lyons,, at 9400 Peppercorn Place, Suite 600, Largo, Maryland 20774.

Service Providers not in compliance by the specified deadline will have future TTFCC requests placed on hold until required information is provided and accepted by the Chairperson. There are no exceptions.