Customer Service



Prince George’s County offers assistance resolving cable service issues with franchised providers Comcast and Verizon. Customers are welcomed to attempt to resolve their cable issues with their cable provider; however, if the issues are not resolved by the cable provider, the County will work to obtain the relief through the Cable Commission – to include complaints regarding damage from cable provider construction to yards, damage to outside cable equipment, and other construction issues.

Types of Complaint Resolution Services

The Cable Commission has the authority to enforce the customer service provision agreed to by Comcast and Verizon in their franchise agreements with the County. The Cable Commission also has the authority to enforce the cable compliance provisions of the County Code. Under State law, the Maryland Public Service Commission has authority to address landline telephone and DSL issues. In addition, the Office of Consumer Protection can assist with mobile telephone billing issues. The Federal Communications Commission will also accept complaints regarding program contact, accessibility, “slamming,” “cramming,” and do not call violation complaints.

For assistance with the resolution of billing issues, cable service interruptions, construction complaints or credit request, please provide the following information when submitting a cable complaint:

  • Name
  • Service Address
  • Daytime Contact Phone
  • Cable Provider (Comcast or Verizon)
  • Describe Complaint
  • Response from Cable Provider (what action was taken to resolve the issue)

Billing and Credit Complaints

Cable customers are entitled fair and accurate billing. The Cable Commission can address issues regarding charged fees for service not ordered, failure to receive an offered credit, payment posting, end of promotional rates, etc.

Cable Service Interruptions

The Cable Commission can request that the cable provider check its outside wiring into your home and any cable operator supplied equipment to determine if there is a technical problem. The Cable Commission can also, in some cases, obtain credits for service interruptions.

Construction Complaints

The Cable Commission can also request cable providers perform on-site inspections to assist consumers with cable equipment located in yards and throughout neighborhoods. Complaints regarding damage to outside cable equipment, temporary cables, damage to yards from cable construction can be reported directly to the Cable Commission.


Regarding cable complaints, the Cable Commission has the authority to assist customers with billing and credits, service quality, service interruptions and outages, damage from construction issues. The Cable Commission has no authority to order the cable providers to carry specific channels, offer a per channel pricing, or reduce the cost of cable service. The Cable Commission only has authority to ensure that the rates for cable equipment and basic services (local broadcast and cable channels) comply with federal rate regulations.