Cable Television Commission

About Us

The Cable Commission was formed through the establishment of Prince George’s County Code 5A-119. The Cable Commission adjudicates subscriber complaints involving customer cable service or any other cable-related product or service. 


The mission of the Prince George's County Cable Commission is to advocate for and protect the public interest in the regulation and the development of the cable communications systems.


The Commission is comprised of five (5) voting members appointed by the County Executive for terms continuous with his and confirmed by the County Council. Each member shall serve until his successor is appointed and qualified. One (1) of said members shall have practical experience and/or educational qualifications in the field of cable television; one (1) of said members shall be a Certified Public Accountant; and three (3) of said members shall be of the public at large, provided that one (1) of said members shall be a representative of the Prince George’s Municipal Association. The Chairman of the Commission shall be a public member, designated by the County Executive and confirmed by the Council pursuant to Section 322 of the Charter.

The current Cable Commissioners are as follows:


If you live in an incorporated Municipality, it is likely that the Municipality grants and enforces its own franchises. In that case, the Prince George's County Cable Television Commission has no authority over cable television matters within that incorporated municipality. However, the Cable Television Commission will work with you to locate the appropriate contact in your Municipality. Additionally, your "franchise authority" information is located on your cable bill.

Limitations of the Cable Commission

The Cable Commission has the authority to assist customers with billing and credits, service quality, service interruptions and outages, and damage from construction issues. The Cable Commission has no authority to order the cable providers to carry specific channels, offer a per channel pricing, or reduce the cost of cable service. The Cable Commission only has authority to ensure that the rates for cable equipment and basic services (local broadcast and cable channels) comply with federal rate regulations.


The Prince George’s County Cable Commission was established to govern the county’s cable franchises. The links below contain the documents involved in the process of managing the county's cable franchisees.