Task Order Proposal Request Forecast Status

Contract S11-115

FY '14 (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014)

​TOPR # ​TOPR Name Functional Area ​Status
​Q1=Jul, Aug, Sep 2013 ​ ​
13-001-HLT​ ​Mobile Applications Developer ​2-Application/Software Engineering ​Withdrawn
​13-0004-OIT ​Applications Development & Support ​​2-Application/Software Engineering ​Awarded to: SNAP
13-0005-OIT​ ​Training-eLearning ​1-Project Management Office ​Closes 11/4/13
​13-0006-OIT ​Training-Instructor Led ​1-Project Management Office ​Closed, Under Evaluation
Q2=Oct, Nov, Dec 2013 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​13-0011-OIT ​GIS Support ​2-Application/Software Engineering ​On Indefinite Hold
​13-0003-OIT​ ​Intranet/Extranet Re-Design ​​2-Application/Software Engineering ​Closes 11/27/13
13-0008-OIT​​ ​Fiber Construction ​3-Data Center/Facilities Management ​Pending Release
13-0009-OIT​ ​Fiber Engineering ​​3-Data Center/Facilities Management ​Pending Release
13-0010-OIT​ ​Broadband Energy Concepts ​​​3-Data Center/Facilities Management ​Pending Release
13-0011-OIT​ ​IV&V Support ​6-Information Security ​On Indefinite Hold
Q3=Jan, Feb, Mar 2014 ​​ ​ ​ ​
13-0012-OIT​ ​Cyber Security ​​6-Information Security ​​Pending Release
​Q4=Apr, May, Jun 2014


FY '13 (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013)

TOPR # TOPR Name Functional Area Status
Q1=Jul, Aug, Sep 2012
12-0003-OITC Data Center Mainframe Operations 3-Data Center/Facilities Management EXCEED-Idea Entity Joint Venture (EIE-JV)
12-0006-OITC Service Desk Support 4-Service Desk Support net.America Corporation
12-0007-OITC Applications Maintenance and Development Support 2-Application/Software Engineering PowerSolv Inc.
12-0008-OITC Website Support 2-Application/Software Engineering Syneren Technologies Corp.
12-0013-OITC Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence Initiative 2-Application/Software Engineering TISTA Science and Technology Corporation
12-0014-OITC Structured Cabling Services 3-Data Center/Facilities Management Systems Applications & Technologies, Inc. (SA-Tech)
12-0015-OITC TIL v3 Foundation Training 1-Project Management Office CRGT Inc.
12-0021-OIT ERP Data Preparation 1-Project Management Office Opus Group LLC
Q2=Oct, Nov, Dec 2012
12-0001-OITC FM-200 Fire Suppression System Maintenance 3-Data Center/Facilities Management On Indefinite Hold
12-0002-OITC Air Conditioning System Maintenance 3-Data Center/Facilities Management On Indefinite Hold
12-0004-OITC Data Center Cleaning 3-Data Center/Facilities Management On Indefinite Hold
12-0009-OITC Data Center Electrical Maintenance 3-Data Center/Facilities Management On Indefinite Hold
12-0016-OITC IV&V Support 6-Information Security Release Rescheduled for Q2 FY'14
12-0017-OITC Gap Analysis 1-Project Management Office GDIT Inc.
12-0020-DPIE DPIE Developer 2-Application/Software Engineering A-Tek Inc.
12-0005-OITC Information Security Support 6-Information Security Pending Release
Q3=Jan, Feb, Mar 2013
13-0011-OITC GIS Support 2-Application/Software Engineering Release Rescheduled for Q2 FY'14
Q4=Apr, May, Jun 2013
13-0010-OITC IT Training 1-Project Management Office Release Rescheduled for Q2 FY'14
13-0019-OITC I-Net Support 3-Data Center/Facilities Management Release Rescheduled for Q2 FY'14
  Revised 2/20/13

* This is a tentative schedule for the release of CATS TOPRs. Every effort will be made to ensure that TOPRs are released according to the schedule but, the County reserves the right to change the schedule or withdraw TOPRs at its discretion. This schedule will be updated periodically to add or remove TOPRs, re-schedule releases and update Status information