Task Order Proposal Request Forecast Status

 Below is a listing of the current task order proposal request (TOPR) forecast status. This list is updated periodically.

Each TOPR falls under one of the below​​​ Functional Areas.

  1. Program Management Office (PMO)
  2. Application/Software engineering
  3. Datacenter/Facilities Management
  4. Service Desk Support
  5. Enterprise Architecture and New Technologies
  6. Information Security
  7. Documentation and Technical Writing

Contract S15-003

(July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016)

Q1=Jul, Aug, Sep 2015

16-2001-OITManaged Services4, 57/8/2015Awarded to Emagine IT, Inc.
16-2002-OITData Center Mainframe Operations, Production Control, Data Entry and Systems Programmer Services26/13/2015Awarded to AiNET Corporation
16-2003-OITApplications Maintenance and Development Support26/13/2015Awarded to Blue Sky Innovative Solutions, LLC
16-2004-OITERP SAP Go-Live Support27/8/2015Awarded to Encyde Corporation
16-2005-OITTelecommunications Tower Facilities Coordination Support17/8/2015Awarded to Columbia Telecommunications Corporation
16-2005-OITWebsite, Intranet and Extranet Support26/13/2015Awarded to Syneren Technologies Corporation
16-2010-HDHealth Services Information Technology Consultant27/8/2015Awarded to TMI Solutions, Inc.
16-2011-OITERP Program Manger17/8/2015Awarded to Momentum, Inc.

Q2=Oct, Nov, Dec 2015

12-2008-OITStructured Cabling Services38/17/2015Closed - Released to TOAC Evaluation Committee
16-2003-OITI-Net Project Management and Engineering Support58/17/2015Closed - Released to TOAC Evaluation Committee
16-2012-OITOutside Fiber Construction38/17/2015Closed - Released to TOAC Evaluation Committee
16-2013-OITOutside Plant Fiber Design and Engineering38/17/2015Closed - Released to TOAC Evaluation Committee
16-2014-OITBusiness Associate and Project Manager1
16-2015-OITIT Training1
16-2016-OITConference Room Modernization3
16-2017-OITIndependent Verification & Validation1, 611/2/2015Closing Date- To Be Determined
16-2018Public Health Information Audit610/28/2015Closing Date- To Be Determined