Consulting and Technical Services

CATS is a new initiative, the objective of which is to facilitate the ability of County agencies to quickly and efficiently obtain high quality Information Technology related consulting and technical services, at competitive prices. The CATS Program provides the County with a flexible contract vehicle for obtaining consistent IT resources by issuing task orders specific to its needs. These task orders will be awarded to pre-qualified vendors under the CATS Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Master Contract. Since the Master Contractors are already under contract with the County, they will have already met many contracting requirements such as bonds and insurance, thus shortening the time between the identification of the need and initiation of the work to address it.

Functional Areas

The IT services, available under the CATS Program, include the following seven Functional Areas:

  1. Program Management Office
  2. Application/Software Engineering
  3. Data Center/Facilities Management
  4. Service Desk Support
  5. Enterprise Architecture and New Technologies
  6. Information Security
  7. Documentation and Technical Writing

TOPR Release Forecast and Status

We believe that the Task Order Proposal Request (TOPR) Release Forecast and Status report is a very useful source of information for our Master Contractors.

The report:

  • Displays the projected release schedule for TOPRs. This information may be helpful in planning for resources and identifying whether Master Contractors and/or their approved subcontractors have the requisite skill set and experience to respond successfully to a particular Task Order. (If you, as the Master Contractor conclude that other subcontractor(s) may be necessary, please make sure to submit the necessary documents to secure Purchasing Agent approval.)and
  • Lists the Status of the various TOPRs. After the awardee is notified, this will often be the first location where award information will be posted. (Unsuccessful Response Notifications will also be sent to all unsuccessful TOPR respondees, as soon as possible.)


View TOPR Release Forecast and Status for FY '14 and '15

Master Contractor Listing

There are a total of 72 participating Master Contractors. IT vendors who are not currently participating in the CATS Program may want to consider contacting current CATS Master Contractors to inquire about subcontracting opportunities. A PDF is provided below which lists all Master Contractors, their contact information and approved Functional Areas.
CATS task orders will be released periodically throughout the life of the Master Contract. Master Contractors will be notified of task order opportunities by email announcing the release of a Task Order Proposals Request (TOPR.) The TOPR document will include information about what is to be included in the response, Task Order deliverables, time lines and evaluation criteria.

Download CATS Master Contractor Listing  

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