Vennard WrightVennard Wright
Director/Chief Information Officer
9201 Basil Court, Suite 250
Largo, MD 20774
Tel: 301-883-5440
Fax: 301-883-5229

Mission Statement

The Office of Information Technology is dedicated to aligning technology efforts to support the business goals of the County.  OIT will provide leadership, expertise, and resources in the development and deployment of innovative technologies to improve government efficiency and citizen access to government information and services.

In support of this mission OIT is pursuing the following goals and objectives for fiscal year 2013:

Goal 1: To enable and enhance access to government information and services.
Objective: Provide centralized access point to government services by fiscal year end

Goal 2: To improve performance by the solicitation and measurement of customer satisfaction with product and service delivery.
Objective: Integrate customer service measurement and improvement mechanisms into 100% of OIT services delivered  

Goal 3: To deliver an innovative technology environment that enables OIT to efficiently deliver services and information to the County Government and the public.
Objective: Increase the percentage of availability for County IT services  

Goal 4: To provide technology solutions that improve efficiency and enhance access to government information and services for citizens, businesses, visitors and external stakeholders.
Objective: Increase the operational efficiency of IT services provided to the County Government  

Goal 5: To deploy technologies to County entities that align technology efforts with business goals and provide support for agency and branch missions.
Objective: Empower an effective workforce by implementing Enterprise solutions