Frequently Asked Questions

When will my check post to my bank account?

All retiree payments are made payable on the first of each month. Payroll submits the file to the ACH clearinghouse two days prior to the pay date. The individual financial institutions establish when funds are posted to the individual's account. When the 1st falls on a holiday or weekend, some banks post early or on the established pay date and some post on the next business day.

How do I change banks?

You can request a direct deposit form from the Pensions and Investments Division, download a copy from the forms section on this site, or you can mail/fax in a new direct deposit form from your new bank.

If you are opening a new account, there will be a one month processing period. During this time, you will receive your check in the mail at the address on file. Your check will be deposited into the new account the following month.

If you are only changing account numbers, but remaining with the same bank, there is no waiting/processing period; your deposit will take effect the following month.

We recommend that you keep your old account open until you have seen the new direct deposit take effect.

Can I have my check deposited to separate banks?

You can have up to four bank allotments.

How do I change my address?

Mail or fax a letter to us with the new address, effective date and new telephone number, or download the Address Change form from this site. We will notify the Health Benefits Administration Division of your address update. You should notify the Maryland State Retirement Agency of your address change.

All address updates with out-of-state addresses will automatically have their Maryland state taxes stopped by the effective date.

If I move out of Maryland, can I still have state taxes deducted?

No. We can only deduct Maryland state taxes. You must make your own tax arrangements with any other state. You must contact Maryland State Retirement directly to make any tax changes with them.

I'm trying to buy/refinance a home, how can I get a pension verification letter?

Download the Retirement Income Verification form from this site and mail/fax/email it to the Pensions and Investments Division. The lender may also request this information with your written authorization. Please allow 24-hours turnaround time.

How do I change my personal information in the deferred compensation plan?

You may change your personal information at any time by contacting the service provider by telephone or internet or by completing the appropriate change form.

How do I withdraw funds from my deferred compensation plan?

You will need to contact either your service provider or the Pensions and Investments Division for the appropriate forms. Send the completed forms to the Pensions and Investments Division for signature and processing. The signed forms will be forwarded to the appropriate provider.

Can I continue to work after retirement?

The Comprehensive and Supplemental Pension Plans have no limitations on a retiree working after retirement with the exception of disability retirements. Disabled retirees should speak to a retirement counselor in the Pensions and Investments Division before accepting a new position.

Maryland State retirees should contact the Maryland State Retirement Agency regarding re-employment rights.

How do I make changes to my health and dental insurance coverage?

You may drop a plan or a dependent at any time during the year by completing an Enrollment/Change Form. You may also make changes during the plan year (outside of open enrollment) if you have a qualified family status change. You may add a dependent (birth/marriage) within 30 days of a qualifying event.

What is a qualified family status change?

Family status changes include: birth, death, divorce, legal separation, adoption, marriage, termination or commencement of employment, change of employment status from part-time to full-time, covered dependent ceases to be an eligible dependent, loss of health benefits coverage.

How much is my life insurance worth?

Complete the Life Insurance Verification Form from this site and send it to the Health Benefits Administration Division.

How can I find out who the beneficiary(ies) are on my life insurance?

Complete the Life Insurance Verification Form from this site and send it to the Health Benefits Administration Division. ​


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