Wage Determination Board

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The mission of the Wage Determination Board is to adopt, establish, repeal, modify, change or amend schedules of prevailing hourly rates of wages to be paid to workmen and apprentices employed on certain public works. The functions and duties include determining the method of wage rates, authorizing the Board to promulgate rules and regulations, and to make final determination with regard to restriction and liquidated damages for violations of certain provisions.​​​​


The Wage Determination Board, mandated under Section 1009 of the Charter, holds hearings and conducts studies to ensure that private contractors working on County projects employ competent, qualified personnel and that the wages, including the Building Construction Wage Rates and the Highway Construction Wage Rates, paid by these contractors are comparable to area standards. The Board, through its Contract Compliance Officers, conducts on-site inspections of County construction projects and interviews workers on those projects in order to monitor contractor compliance with the prevailing wage law. The current prevailing wage rates are effective October 30, 2015.


  • Lino Cressotti
  • Brian Mattingly
  • Terry Milstead

Virgil D. Walker, DBA
Executive Director

Debra S. Arrington



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