Alternate Dispute Resolution

HRC Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

HRC’s ADR Program is a meeting between Complainant and Respondent wherein a neutral third party, (In-House Mediator), assists the parties in reaching an agreement to resolve the dispute.

  • The meeting is not a forum to prove/establish wrongdoing.

  • The meeting is not a forum to seek revenge for perceived wrongdoing or affirmation of any previous action taken.

  • Attorneys may accompany parties for consultation purposes; however, the attorney will be placed in a location separate from the meeting.
Benefits of ADR Program & Mediation
  • The process is fair and efficient

  • It is often a more expedient alternative to the Investigative process

  • It is an informal process

  • The meeting is facilitated by an ADR Specialist who is trained in practicing neutrality in order to assist parties reach an agreement and not determine wrongdoing

  • The parties are allowed to tailor their own agreement.

Conciliation is a mandatory ADR effort. It​ is mandated by the County Code where the Executive Director has made a “cause finding” that discrimination has occurred or where the Commissioners having reviewed the case for a public hearing see some benefit of the parties attempting to resolve the matter without a full public hearing. Conciliation must be attempted by the Executive Director within 20 days after a cause finding. Prince George’s County Code Sec. 2-203 et seq.

Diagram of a Mediated Case
Mediation Chart for Alternate Dispute Resolution
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