Council Bill 1-1972, established the Commission and mandated appointment of thirteen (13) Commissioners and an Executive Director to the Human Relations Commission.


The thirteen (13) Commissioners are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council for three year terms.

Acting Chairperson
Merrill Smith ​Jr.
Since July  2008 

Nora Eidelman
Since January 2012

Eric Jackson
Since October 2012
 Eugene Langbehn
Since April 2012
 Gail Heath
Since January 2012

Gerald Folsom​
Since October 2012

Katrina Burson
Since June June 2014
 Troy Lowe
Since 2014
 Janelle Johnson
Since June 2014 
 Walter Howell, Jr.
June 30, June 2014

​Seth Zirkle
June June 2014

An Executive Director is also appointed by the County Executive to be staff to the Commissioners and to assist them by investigating and processing cases to be heard for final determination via a public hearing, where evidence is gathered by a Hearing Panel and a decision made as to whether a violation of the applicable federal or county civil rights laws has occurred. The Commission may award damages, issue subpoenas and order injunctive relief.


Commissioners and the Executive Director also make appearances throughout the County to meet with residents, municipalities, companies and community groups to promote the agency and its services.​​​​​​​

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