Public Housing

The Housing Authority owns and manages 392 units of public and assisted housing in Prince George’s County. There are 376 public housing units, of which 296 units are for the elderly and disabled, and 80 are family units. In addition, there are 16 units of assisted housing located at the Coral Gardens property. There are five public housing properties. They are: 1100 Owens Road, Cottage City Towers, Rollingcrest Village, Marlborough Towne and Kimberly Gardens.

Program Overview

Family Resource Academies (FRAs)

The Authority partners with public, private, and non-profit organizations to provide learning centers at the two family public housing properties. Located at Kimberly Gardens in Laurel and Marlborough Towne in District Heights, these technology centers are open to resident children from the ages of 6 to 18+. Classroom materials and lessons are age-and-grade-appropriate. This program is designed to provide a wide range of technological opportunities to public housing children to increase their ability to exceed in school and meet educational requirements for higher learning. Instructors at the two academies teach classroom-modeled lessons using information technology to improve skills in reading, mathematics and other disciplines. Students of the Prince George’s County Public School System are encouraged to use Community Service hours received through the FRA towards Community Service Credits required for high school graduation. The director of the Academy has a doctorate in education technology and the instructor is a certified public school teacher. The instructor is fluent in Spanish and teaches this language to children at the Marlborough Towne Campus. 

Program Services Include:

  • Supervised computer learning labs for students to develop and improve classroom and business skills to allow a structured curriculum while also providing adequate time for freelance activities.
  • State of the art computer learning centers equipped with personal computers linked to the internet and Prince George’s County Public School homework networks. Computers are equipped with Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Home Essential and Quicken software to assist participants with class assignments, presentations, and resume writing. Syllabus also includes: Web Browsing, E-mail, Chats, and Search Engines.
  • Job search and placement program that includes: career outreach, job counseling, interviewing skills, resume writing, and job retention and job enhancement efforts.
  • Tutorial component provided on the basis of individual needs in the areas of English, Math, Sciences, and Business.
  • The Family Resource Academy program at the Kimberly Campus is enhanced by a partnership with a non-profit group who operates a homework club that is attended by approximately 40 children. The group has six (6) certified public school teachers who provide hands-on assistance for homework and special class projects, as well as ongoing tutorial assistance. The teachers work closely with the county schools tracking the achievements of the students involved in the program. The program has successfully assisted children from the Academy to attend institutions of higher learning.

​ ​Resident Services 

The Resident Services Program provides supportive services to at-risk elderly and disabled residents. The program serves four (4) housing sites for the elderly and disabled in Prince George’s County: Cottage City Towers, Rollingcrest Village, Marlborough Towne and 1100 Owens Road where the program is also headquartered. 

Emphasis is on providing a comprehensive approach to service delivery that reduces premature institutionalization by promoting resident independence. Key program components include case management and congregate services to address personal care issues, wellness and health awareness and prevention education. Program efforts are focused on linking residents to the services they require that already exist in the community. This allows them to not only age in place, but assists residents in meeting their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), thus maintaining their independence. 

Program components include:

  • Nutrition site that serves hot lunches three (3) days a week for a nominal donation. This feeding site is based out of the 1100 Owens Road property and is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The kitchen serving the program is a commercial kitchen licensed by the county health department requiring certified food handling status for staff and volunteers. 
  • One (1) fifteen (15) passenger, handicapped accessible van to transport residents to congregate services and community activities. The van can transport two (2) residents needing wheelchair services. 
  • State of the art computer center operating at three seniors sites - 1100 Owens Road, Cottage City Towers and Marlborough Towne. Computer classes coordinated with resident and community agencies. 
  • A calendar of congregate activities that promote health/wellness, independence and increase the resident’s level of social interaction. Activities include tri-monthly visits by a podiatrist, bingo, sewing classes, computer classes, bi-monthly mobile library on wheels, shopping trips to the local malls, Wal-Mart and the Farmer’s Market. 

​Resident participation in management is also a crucial component of Resident Services efforts. The properties have Resident Councils that meet monthly to plan resident activities, provide information about resident services, and to advocate on behalf of their respective tenant population. There is a Resident Advisory Board (representation from each of the participating Resident Councils) that provides input into the Housing Authority’s Annual Five (5) Year Agency Plan. Each year HUD requires Housing Authorities to submit for approval this document which sets out the goals, objectives and various programs and activities that will be undertaken in the coming year. In addition to comment by the general public, it is required that residents be given the opportunity to have input into the plan and to have their priorities for services and policies considered and where feasible, incorporated into the Plan. This feedback is consolidated and made a part of the final plan that is approved by the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

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