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Q: What is "FAS"?
A: FAS is a division within the Housing Authority of Prince George’s County and stands for "Financial and Administrative Services”. FAS is located at:

Housing Authority of Prince George’s County
Attn: FAS
9200 Basil Court
Largo, MD  20774
(301) 883-5546 TEL (301) 883-5427 FAX;

Q: When can I expect to receive my check each month?
A: Monthly Housing Assistance checks are mailed on the first business day of the month.

Q: I did not receive my check this month. Why? What do I do?;
A: Contact your Rental Specialist in the Rental Assistance Office (301- 883-5501) and verify that a check was issued to you for the month in question. If, after 10 business days from the 1st of the month you have not received your check, notify Accounts payable, in writing, that your check was not received. Your correspondence must be signed and dated. FAS, Accounts Payable office can then issue a stop payment on the check and reissue the check, once confirmation from the bank is received.

Q: My monthly check amount has changed, why?
A: Contact your Rental Specialist in the Rental Assistance Office (301-883-5501) to determine if a change of income or an adjustment for your tenant is the reason for the changed amount. If the Rental Assistance Office cannot determine a reason for the change, contact FAS, Accounts Payable Office (301-883-5546).

Q: My mailing address has changed. How do I have the address changed on your records?
A: Submit the change of address in writing to FAS, Accounts Payable Office. The notification must be signed by the payee(s) indicated on the check.

Q: Why is it necessary to submit a W-9 form?;
A: The W-9 is a tax information form used by the Housing Authority to report to the IRS all monies paid to the landlords using your tax ID number.

Q: When can I expect to receive my 1099?
A: As required by the IRS, all landlords will receive their 1099's by January 31st for the previous calendar year. If the 31st falls on a weekend, you should receive it no later than the first business day in February. The 1099 indicates all amounts paid to you during the calendar year. Questions should be referred to FAS Accounts Payable.

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