Administrative Division


Mission Statement


It is the Mission of the Prince George’s County Office of Homeland Security Grants Coordination Unit to provide programmatic and financial administrative support to Homeland Security Grant Programs by coordinating homeland security grant projects as collaboratively prioritized by agencies and jurisdictions within Prince George’s County. We strive to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local government policies, regulations, and laws, and institutional policies and procedures as they relate to the administered grant awards.


Grants Coordination


The ultimate oversight of the OHS grants process is under the supervision of the Director of Homeland Security. The Director has ultimate responsibility for the grants management process and has signature authority for OHS applications, awards, contracts, transmittals, etc.

The Office of Homeland Security (OHS) Grants Management Unit establishes processes for the management of grants implemented or administered by Homeland Security. These grants management process is handled from award to close-out. The procedures do not address identifying grants opportunities, proposal writing or the preparation of grants applications. The unit provides information regarding basic processes involved in the utilization of grants funds and provide for a uniform and centralized process for recording and tracking all grant management functions.

The OHS Grants Management Unit provides coordination and administrative oversight for all OHS managed or administered grants. These administrative activities include:  

  • Maintaining a central file containing the program management plan, grant award, special conditions, budget and budget revisions, any requests for proposals, invitations to bid, contracts, quarterly reports, evaluation reports, final reports, financial reports, grant adjustment notices and any pertinent correspondence;

  • Ensuring that grant awards are processed through the legal review and Administrative Committee Review (ARC) process;

  • Ensuring processing of budgetary paperwork and information through the Office of Budget and Management (OMB) and Finance;

  • Assisting the program managers to coordinate and/or complete the grant's financial reports with the Office of Finance, Procurement, OMB, and grantors;

  • Monitoring submission of all periodic status and financial reports on all grants and making appropriate recommendations to Project Managers on financial management of the grant;

  • Reviewing, submitting to the Director for approval and signature, and transmitting to the grantor, in a timely manner, periodic progress reports; contract reports or documents, project evaluation reports, all budget amendments, requests for reimbursement and final project reports;

  • Maintaining a spreadsheet on all projects that includes a brief description of the project, identifying grant number, source, the period and amount of award, and the staff responsible for the project; and  Producing regular status reports on grant-funded projects for Director and Program Managers.