Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Drug, Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

A variety of treatment options for individuals with addictions and/or mental health problems are offered though the Health Department.

Interested individuals or family members should call the location nearest their home:

Clinton 301-856-9400
Cheverly 301-583-5920
Landover 301-772-1192

Referrals to treatment in Health Department programs and privately operated facilities associated with the Health Department begin with an evaluation and assessment.

Residential Services

Residential Services include four options depending on the patient's needs. Included are:

  • Detoxification and Medically Monitored Intensive short-term (28-day) treatment
  • Medium Intensity Intermediate term (60 day) treatment
  • Medium/High Intensity long-term treatment (6-month)
  • Long term Therapeutic Community (6-9 months)

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Services are available at two Health Department locations: Cheverly Health Center in Cheverly and the D. Leonard Dyer Regional Health Center in Clinton. Services at these facilities include evaluation, urinalysis testing, treatment planning, individual, family and group counseling, and referral to residential services; methadone maintenance is provided at the Cheverly Health Center only.

Center for Children and Parents (CAP) Program

CAP operates an addictions and mental health program for pregnant women and women with children. CAP provides outpatient day treatment, child supervision for their pre-school age children, transportation to and from the center, and access to other health services. Call 301-324-2872 for information.

Alcohol and Drug Prevention Services

Alcohol and Drug Prevention services include a resource center and speakers bureau for HIV drug abuse prevention. During the year, community based programs may apply for mini-grants. For information, call 301-883-3514.

Evaluation, Diagnosis and Referral Unit

Evaluation, Diagnosis & Referral Unit works in cooperation with the Division of Parole and Probation. EDR evaluates every parolee and probationer with a drug or alcohol treatment condition as part of their release from incarceration. EDR expedites the placement of these individuals into programs. This program accepts referrals from the court system only. Call 301-952-2630.

Juvenile Court Assessment

A full-time clinic located in the County Courthouse is available to perform court directed drug/alcohol evaluations. This program accepts referrals from the court system only. Call 301-952-3034.