Wells & Septic Systems

Environmental Engineering Program
Tel: (301) 883-7681
TTY/STS Dial 711 for Maryland Relay
Email: EnvironEngProgram@co.pg.md.us

  • Conduct percolation tests (Application as PDF) to determine the suitability of soils for individual sewage disposal systems.
  • Review all septic system plans and issue Septic System Permits.
  • Perform site evaluations for new wells and issue Well Permits.
  • Inspect construction of new wells and septic systems.
  • Oversee backfilling of abandoned wells.
  • Review Building Permits and Use and Occupancy permit applications for properties served by well and/or septic systems.
  • Review and approve subdivision plats to be served by individual wells and/or septic systems.
  • Conduct site evaluations for the potential installation of Innovative and Alternative (I&A) Septic Systems where conventional septic systems will not work; perform routine monitoring of I&A systems.
  • Inspect and license septage haulers to operate within the County.
  • Evaluate septic systems and wells for the operation of new foster care homes, adult and child care facilities, camps, schools and other institutional facilities.
  • Conduct sanitary water and sewer surveys in problem areas in conjunction with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

The Health Department works with WSSC on different levels to reduce the amount of fats, oils and grease getting into its sewer system.