Halloween Safety Rules

There’s no alternative to your TOTs (Trick Or Treaters) insisting on hitting the streets in search of the ultimate candy product. Keep them safe!

Parents should insist that no treats be eaten until checked by an adult at home, especially unwrapped candy and fruit.

For younger children:

  • Ensure that a responsible adult goes along and carries a flashlight
  • Assure the child can see clearly if a mask is worn. Try face-painting, or a hat, instead
  • Check that costumes fit properly to avoid tripping, and if possible, that they are flame-resistant
  • Place reflective tape on costumes and candy bags

For older TOTs:

  • Know their itinerary and route
  • Give kids a cell phone or some change for emergency calls
  • Have them travel in a group of 3 or more
  • Insist they stay outside the doorway of houses, and instruct them to never enter a house for a treat
  • Advise them to only visit houses where lights are on
  • Caution them to avoid park cars, and to be wary of strangers