Pedestrian Safety Workgroup

The Pedestrian Safety Work Group consists of about 47 members and represents roughly 26 various community based, health and public safety oriented organizations in Prince George’s County.

The Coalition was formed under the leadership of Prince George’s County Health Department (PGCHD), with County Health Officer Pamela Creekmur serving as Chairwoman, in order to move the county towards reaching its goals as outlined in the Prince George’s County Health Improvement Plan, 2011-2014.

Strategies, Goals and Accomplishments

The Pedestrian Safety Work Group operates under Priority 5 of the Local Health Action Plan for 2011-2014 in Prince George’s County, to “ensure that Prince George’s County physical environments are safe and support health, particularly in at-risk communities.” As such, the Work Group has selected the following County Outcome Objective to work towards achieving each year:

  1. Reduce pedestrian injuries on public roads.

In 2014, the work group accomplished significant progress on its goals in the following areas:

  • Promoting the Safe Routes to Everywhere Campaign through advocacy, events and messaging

In 2015, the work group’s goals are:

  • ​Lead in development of countywide pedestrian & bicycle action plan
  • Educate the general public through dissemination of educational materials and conducting safety demonstrations


The ​Pedestrian Safety Work Group meets once a month, the third Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at 1701 McCormick Drive, Largo, Maryland 20774.​

For a list of scheduled PGHAC meetings/events, click here​​.​​

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Last Updated: July 16, 2015

07/27/2013: Walkers Wear White at Night Rally, sponsored by Port Towns Youth Council, End Time Harvest Ministries and the Town of Bladensburg.

10/09/2013: PSWG with Port Towns Youth Council Wellness Ambassadors at Walk to School Day 2013, Rogers Heights Elementary School

07/05/2013: PSWG with Port Towns Youth Council Wellness Ambassadors during their 2013 Health Policy Summer Camp, followed by the Walkers Wear White rally​ (07/27/2013) sponsored by PSWG.

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