FAQ's Transport Billing

Q: When will the Prince George's County Implement Transport Fee billing?
A: The program is scheduled for implementation on July 1, 2008.

Q: How much are the Transport Fees?
A: Charges for ambulance transport include: $500 for Basic Life Support transport, $650 for Advanced Life-1 Support transport and $750 for Advanced Life Support-2 transport. There is also a $5 per loaded transport mile - from pick-up point to the hospital for ground transport. There will be no charge if there is no transport.

Q: If I don't have health insurance and can not pay, what options do I have?
A: Patients transported that do not have health insurance will have the option of payment at a reduced rate or no payment based on a lack of ability to pay the bill.

Q: How does billing work?
A: Prince George’s County has contracted with a company to handle EMS transport fee billing. After patient services are provided, insurance information will be obtained routinely, most often at the hospital. Residents may receive an initial statement or a request for verification of insurance information from the billing company. For County resident who are uninsured, Prince George’s County has adopted alternative billing policies.

Q: What if my insurance company will not cover the transport fee?
A: The billing company will attempt to obtain information to show the medical necessity of your medical care. However, if the claim is ultimately rejected, the billing company will offer alternative payment options.

Q: Will Medicare pay for transport fees?
A: MEDICARE will pay 80% of medically necessary transport fees. This payment will be considered as a payment in full.

Q: If the co-payment for EMS Transports are being waived, are their any other out-of-pocket expenses incurred?
A: There will be no additional charges for County resident with health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid. Patients who reside outside of the County will be billed for charges not covered by insurance.

Q: If there is an ambulance call to a school, business or workplace, what procedures will be followed?
A: Procedures and policies are the same regardless of the location of the emergency. County medical responders’ responsibility is to take care of the patient. Billing for transport services will be handled routinely after the patient’s needs are addressed.

Q: How will my Privacy be protected?
A: All Department members have been trained on patient privacy and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These requirements will be strictly enforced and adhered to.

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