Information Management Division

Christine A. Barker

Fire/EMS Department Headquarters
9201 Basil Court, Suite
Largo, Maryland 20774
Phone: (301) 883-7183
Fax: (301) 883-7480

The Information Management office administers all Information Management programs in the Fire/EMS Department. The Division serves as liaison between the Fire/EMS Department and the Office of Information Technology and Communications (OITC) as it relates to the development, enhancement, and maintenance of the Department’s software applications and servers. The Division also has the responsibility of developing, implementing, and administering policies to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the Department’s data resources and automated system components. The functional area also serves as the Department’s Custodian of Records.

Most of the activities in Information Management are performed based on the following governances:

  • Prince George's County Code, Subtitle 11, Section 11-156
  • The Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 30:03:04:04
  • The Annotated Code of Maryland Article 38A § 45C(b)(2)
  • 45 The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 164.502 (d)

Service List

  • Maintains and administers the Fire/EMS Incident database (Zoll Data Systems Fire Records Management System)
  • Maintains and administers Kronos Telestaff application
  • Maintains and assists with the administration of ArcBridge FireSolv Fire Planning Tools
  • Ensures that adequate training programs are in place so that personnel are properly trained on all computer hardware and software systems installed.
  • Designated “Help Desk” for the Fire/EMS Department, troubleshooting computer problems/issues.
  • Responsible for the issuance and maintenance, of the Department’s cell phones and associated calling plan.
  • Maintains, analyzes, troubleshoots and repairs computer systems, hardware and computer peripherals. Documents, maintains, upgrades or replaces hardware and software systems as applicable.
  • Supports and maintains user network and email account information including access rights, security levels and appropriate workgroups.

HIPPA Compliance

  • Maintains HIPAA compliance of systems and programs.
  • Assesses the privacy standards set forth in the HIPAA regulations and designs and implements systems, processes, programs and procedures to ensure Departmental compliance.
  • Drafts pertinent correspondence and recommendations, responding to inquiries, research and preparing reports.
  • Trains Fire/EMS personnel on HIPAA compliance issues. Develops educational tools for all Department employees. Monitors compliance.

Custodian of Records

  • Researches, processes, and analyzes Fire and EMS data so that it can be used to make informed management decisions.
  • Processes requests for information and reports for the public, the Department and other agencies.
  • Answers and coordinates information released in response to subpoenas for the state and county government.
  • Assists with the ensuring the proper entry of the Electronic Patient Care Reports (ePCR) reports for submittal to the Maryland Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS).
  • Maintains and stores highly confidential Fire and EMS reports and serve as the Department’s Custodian of Records.

Requesting an Incident Report

Below is the procedure to request an incident report:

  • A written request is needed with the following information:
    • For Fire and Other Type Incident Reports excluding Ambulance Reports:
    • Date of Incident
    • Approximate Time of Incident
    • Location of Incident (include if address if exact address is not known Main Street/Cross Street)
  • For Ambulance Reports:
    • Patient Name
    • Signed Medical Release Authorization or Power of Attorney or Letter of Administration
    • Date of Incident
    • Approximate Time of Incident
    • Location of Incident Include address - if exact address is not known Main Street/Cross Street)
    • Note To Attorneys Office: A Copy Of The Bill Will Be Included (If One EXISTS)
  • Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope
  • $5.00 Check or Money Order - Payable to Prince George's County
  • Please mail request to:
    Prince George’s Fire/EMS Department
    Information Management
    9201 Basil Court, Suite 352
    Largo, MD 20774
    Please Allow 7 - 10 Days For Processing
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