Delivering Emergency Medical Care

Our Emergency Medical response capabilities are structured into two tiers of service; Basic Life Support, and Advanced Life Support. Basic life support is delivered through a fleet of over forty ambulances, which are staffed and deployed in nearly all of our fire/rescue stations. Advanced life support is delivered primarily by 12 paramedic units, which are strategically deployed throughout the county. These units are comprised of two-person teams with enhanced medical training who are able to deliver advanced cardiac care, and intravenous medications under the direction of a control physician.

This service was recently enhanced by the addition of paramedic ambulances and engines in the Capitol Heights, District Heights and Chillum communities. In Paramedic Ambulances and Engines, one person with advanced medical training augments the basic response crew, affording the ability to deliver advanced care prior to the arrival of the paramedic unit. Our goal is to expand this program to other communities throughout the County in the coming year.

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