Community Based Mental Health Services

Adult & Elderly Services

The Adult/Elderly Services Coordinator can:

  • Explain services for persons with Medical Assistance or no insurance
  • Assess the need for mental health services
  • Refer individuals to residential programs
  • Help people identify housing options
  • Explore outpatient treatment services
  • Help someone get crisis services
  • Give information about mental illnesses
  • Approve purchase of medications in special situations
  • Provide transportation under certain circumstances

Child and Adolescent Services

The Child/Adolescent Services Coordinator can:

  • Help parents understand what services are available to them on their child
  • Speak up for the needs of children
  • Support families though the special education system
  • Refer children and families to services
  • Give information about emotional disturbance in children
  • Refer children to services that address their special needs

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