Women's Resource Center


The Women’s Resource Center will provide five programs:

  • Our Village – Monthly community education forums to raise awareness of programs and initiatives designed to address a specific issue (crime, teen pregnancy, personal safety, etc.). Presentations are followed by a Question and Answer session and the opportunity to network.
  • Empowered Living Program – A comprehensive four week program focused on enhancing the financial, personal and social lives of women through workshops and discussions.
  • Collaborations – Monthly roundtable for leaders of non-profit and faith-based organization to share their initiatives, network and garner support for their programs. Collaborations members can reserve the WRC for small meetings and trainings.
  • Phenomenal Women Speaker’s Bureau – A dynamic program for the seasoned professional or the novice willing to volunteer their experiences and presentations to motivate, empower and educate women in Prince George’s County. Speaking engagements are coordinated through the WRC for municipalities, institutions of higher learning, social organizations non-profit and faith-based organizations.
  • Our Network- The official clearinghouse of information and referrals for services available to women in Prince George’s County. We will continue to cultivate new and existing relationships to ensure referral information is current and the services needed are available.

How to Help

  • Organizations - Please forward your posters, program brochures and facts sheets for placement in the Center.
  • Volunteers – The Center will need your positive energy and talents to organize the Phenomenal Women Speaker’s Bureau Tour, make phone calls, update referral data, organize community forums and support Conferences.
  • Speakers – Please forward your presentation proposal, biography, resume and brochure. You will be contacted by WRC staff to schedule an interview. We are currently scheduling speakers for the period of May 2007 – December 2007.
  • Community Developers – County employees may schedule the WRC to perform presentations relating to Housing, Social Services, Aging Services, Volunteer Services, Public Safety, etc.
  • Government Agencies – Please forward information about your programs and initiatives for placement in the Center.


Your creative ideas for programs, presentations or suggestions are welcomed. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.