Commission for Children, Youth and Families (Local Management Board)

The Commission for Children, Youth and Families, (the Local Management Board) for Prince George's County, MD became operational in 1989 as the first Systems Reform Initiative site in Maryland. As a unit of County government, the Board is composed of representatives from the County Executive's Office, County Council, Department of Family Services, Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Services, Health Department, Department of Housing and Community Development, Public Schools and the Core Service Agency. There are also citizen representatives representing the business community, faith community, law enforcement, non-profit organizations and other facets of the community.

The Children, Youth and Families Division serves as the support staff to the Local Management Board. The Commission is responsible for conducting community needs assessments, as well as program planning, implementation and monitoring. The Commission also tracks County trends on various child well-being indicators. All programs funded through the Commission are directed toward improving indicators in the following eight result areas:

  • Babies Born Healthy
  • Healthy Children
  • School Readiness
  • School Success 
  • School Completion 
  • School Transition 
  • Safety
  • Stability 

For more information, please contact the Administration for Children, Youth and Families at (301) 265-8446.