County Executive

Prince George's County, Maryland

Statement on behalf of Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

For Immediate Release: 8/28/2013 4:00 PM

Contact: Barry L. Hudson / (240) 695-8093

​Fifty years ago, thousands of brave, determined, and committed Americans Marched on Washington and raised their banners in support of jobs, peace and freedom. The collective voices for change and personal sacrifices  in the struggle led to groundbreaking civil rights legislation in the years that followed,  dramatically changing our nation as well as this County.

Today, Prince George’s County is a reflection of that dramatic change. It  represents people of  all races, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds.  Our present success and sense of community can be attributed to the struggles of those who came before us and courageously took a stand for our rights and liberties.

Although we have seen significant changes since 1963, our quest for economic equality  for all Americans has not ended.  As much as today's commemorative march is about the past, I submit that it is more about our future.  One that is filled with potential and ready for even more positive change. We can respectfully work together, be proud of our diversity, and remain united as one nation under God.  This is my dream for this County and this country for the next 50 years.”