Glassmanor / Oxon Hill

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Team Leaders
Barry Stanton Leader
Nicole Jackson-Young Special Assistant
 Lieutenant Tawanna Watkins Community Liaison
Team Members Department/Agency
Legaunt Jones Prince George's County Public Schools
Michael Brown Department of Public Works & Transportation
Michael Butler Department of Corrections
Terri Littlejohn Department of the Environment
Rick Missouri Department of Family Services
Tanya Diggs Department of Housing and Community Development (including Housing Authority & Redevelopment Authority)
Dawit Abraham Department of Public Works & Transportation
L'Tanya Brown Department of Social Services
Ebony Stocks Economic Development Corporation
Asst. Chief Mary Crampton Fire/EMS
Dwan Little Health Department
Kelli Beavers/Wanda Bertrand & John "Steve" Kaii-Ziegler & Melissa Lindsjo Park and Planning (M-NCPPC)
leslie Jackson-Jenkins Office of Central Services
Nicole Winters Office of Homeland Security
Dawn Page Office of Information Technology
Rick Miller CountyStat
Captain Genia Reaves & Sergeant Alfred Moss Police
A/Captain William (Brent) Mints Office of the Sheriff
Daursey McGraw Revenue Authority
Kelly Markomanolakis Liquor Board