Regional Medical Center (RMC)

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Dimensions Healthcare System with the University of Maryland Medical System, the State of Maryland, and Prince George’s County have worked diligently to identify appropriate potential locations for the new Regional Medical Center in Prince George’s County.

The new Regional Medical Center will be a state-of-the-art facility, which is being constructed as a part of a strategy to transform the County’s healthcare system into an efficient, effective and financially viable healthcare delivery system which will improve the health of residents of Prince George’s County and the Southern Maryland region.

Review the background information of the parties involved in the process, potential locations, and related news.  

The new location is Largo Town Center!

The Largo Town Center site was chosen among the possible locations of Landover Mall, Morgan Boulevard, and Woodmore Center.


Largo Town Center 



Selection Criteria


  1. Central Area of Prince George’s County
  2. Accessible to Transportation
    1. Access to I-495
    2. Proximate to Metro station and bus routes
    3. Pedestrian Access/Walkability
    4. Cost of Site Development
  3. Acquisition Costs
    1. Infrastructure Requirements (on- and off-site improvements)
    2. Size of Site
  4. Timing of Site Control
  5. Future Development Potential
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