Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any changes to the Community Partnership Grant Program this year?
Yes. Prince George’s County now requires that all potential vendors register with the Office of Central Services. You MUST complete the Vendor Registration process. This will only take a few minutes of your time. Please go to and register your organization.

  • General Application Questions
    • How do I apply?
    • Can I use a prior year or last year’s application to apply for funding this year?
    • Is there an application deadline?
    • and more ..
  • Proof of Eligibility/Documentation Questions
    • What does it mean to be in “Good Standing?”
    • Where can I obtain proof of my “Good Standing” documentation for my jurisdiction?
    • I have a copy of a Certificate of Status; however, it is from a year ago.  Is this acceptable?
    • and more ..
  • Process Questions
    • How will I know the status of my application once I have submitted it?
    • If my request for funding is denied, is there an appeal process?
    • and more ..
  • Award Questions
    • How will I be notified if I receive an award?
    • What is the award range for the Community Partnership Grant?
    • and more ..
  • Reporting Questions
    • Are there any reporting requirements?
    • Are there any site visits and/or audit requirements?
    • and more ..