November 27, 2012 Minutes

Meeting Minutes/Notes for November 27, 2012


Members  Present Dr. Segun Eubanks, Chair
Dr. Donnette T. Dais
M. H. Jim Estepp
Aimee Olivo
Keith Singletary
Dr. Donna L. Wiseman
Members Not Present Bridgett Blue
Dr. Leslie T. Fenwick
Desiree Griffin-Moore
Kathleen Teaze
Heather Iliff
Betsy Ramirez
Others Angela M. Angel, Citizen Services Specialist for Councilman Derrick Leon Davis Brad Frome, Office of the County Executive Linda Turner, Office of the County Executive Karlene Proctor, Office of the County Executive Jennie Nevin, Office of County Executive
Staff Betty Hager Francis
Mary Lou Anton
Christian Rhodes
L. Denise Hall

Call to Order

Chair Eubanks called the meeting to order at 5:45 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

Chair Eubanks asked if there were any comments from the September 26, 2012 minutes. No changes were made, and Mr. Estepp made a motion to Accept the minutes; Mrs. Olivo seconded the motion.

Adoption of Agenda

The Chair reviewed the agenda and announced that the agenda would be modified to reflect what was sent to Commission members in an earlier email. Mr. Estepp made a motion to accept the agenda; Mrs. Olivo seconded the motion

Old Business

Commission Work Plan Final Review

Chair Eubanks reviewed the work plan. He noted that some editorial changes were required and proposed adoption of the plan as the foundation for the six-month report. There was further discussion on the work plan regarding:

  • Ensuring public engagement and effective outreach
  • Using the public to help get consensus from public officials. There is a need for constituents to push their elected officials toward involvement. It was noted that, while this is not explicit, this assumption is embedded in the work plan
  • Using the Commission’s public engagement efforts to bring the County Executive’s presence to the process
  • Structuring public engagement to ensure positive participation to avoid “gripe” sessions
  • Being careful in wordsmithing the work plan to ensure that terminologies and facts are current and accurately reflect points being made
  • Commission members noted there is a need to be factually correct in statements made in the work plan.

Committee assignments

  • The Chair reviewed the committee assignments, distributed the assignment list and noted that the selection of committee chairs is being left to the discretion of each committee.
  • The Chair indicated that public engagement should be the first item on each committee’s agenda, and that each committee should develop a work plan that will become a part of the Commission’s six-month report.
  • The Chair advised that he expected each committee to meet, by phone or email, prior to the next Commission meeting

New Business

Joint Commission Meeting with Board of Education

The focus of this meeting will be:

  • Helping the Board to understand the Commission’s charge and its work
  • Hearing what the Board’s agenda and priorities are with respect to those charges
  • Discussing the search for a new Board of Education Superintendent
  • (The Commission has already made a request that the County Executive be involved in the search interviews.)

  • The Role of the County Executive in education
  • Ascertaining how the Commission can help the Board
  • This meeting should not be highly structured, but should include the following components:

  • Semi-formal presentation of the Commission’s work and charges
  • Presentation from the Board of Education on its priority agenda
  • Open dialogue
  • The Commission would like to provide answers to the questions listed below and provide this information to the County Executive:

  • What are the communities saying about education?
  • Specifically, how can the County Executive be more involved in education?
  • How can the Commission help the County Executive move his education agenda forward

County Executive's 2013 Education Agenda

Half-Year Report
Chair Eubanks requested the mid-term report by the last Tuesday in January. It should contain:

  • Work plan from each committee, which should speak to the needs of the system, students and County.
  • Timeline for public engagements

Legislative Session The Commission was advised there are several bills around education that are coming from the Prince George’s County delegation.

  • One bill proposes charging businesses a school construction fee.
  • Another bill involves securing artificial turf for all County high schools by 2018.
  • The body discussed the expectation that the Commission identify “big” items the County Executive should focus on as he considers legislation for the upcoming session. Some items named were:

  • class size
  • school construction funding
  • post-secondary degrees for School Board members
  • current laws pertaining to charter schools (The Commission feels the charter school issue is one where the County Executive can play a major role.)

Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) Focus:
Staff explained the County Executive’s TNI efforts and expectations of the Commission.
The Commission will: 

  • Focus on the alignment of educational services with TNI
  • Focus on bringing schools into alignment with TNI
  • Engaging the public

    Public Comment- Two(2) Minutes Per Person


    Next Meeting

    January 22,2013

    Administrative Business


  • Prepare Interim Report – Segun Eubanks
  • Committees to meet, via phone and/or email – Committee members
  • Set meeting with School Board for December – Segun Eubanks
  • Review website for comments and corrections – Commission members
  • Provide Commission with information on Open Meetings Act,
         as it relates to committee meetings - Staff
  • Provide Commission with TNI fact sheet - Staff
  • Adjournment

    Mr. Estepp made a motion to adjourn; Mr. Singletary seconded the motion. Chair Eubanks declared the meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m.