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Minutes March 26, 2013

Meeting Minutes/Notes for Tuesday, March 26, 2013 5:30 p.m.


Members Present Dr. Segun Eubanks, Chair
Bridgette Blue Laney
M. H. Jim Estepp
Aimee Olivo
Dr. Leslie T. Fenwick
Betsy Ramirez
Desiree Griffin-Moore
Keith Singletary
Heather Iliff
Kathleen Teaze
Dr. Donna L. Wiseman
Members Not Present Dr. Donnette T. Dais
Staff Christian Rhodes
Loretta Tillery

Call to Order

Chair Eubanks called the meeting to order at 6:13 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes for the February meeting will be reviewed during the April Commission meeting.

Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was adopted as presented.

Appearances by County Executive Rushern L.Baker,III

The County Executive provided an update on SB 1071 Prince George's County - School System - Academic Revitalization and Management Effectiveness Initiative and thanked the Commission for their support of his Integrated School Governance proposal. The bill introduced by the County Executive has undergone some changes and is likely to go through more before a final version is voted on. County Executive Baker requested the Commission begin to think about what the Commission should focus on after the bill is passed. Additionally, he let the Commission know that he would rely on them to help in the transition. He reminded the Commission members about the Town Hall Conference Call on Integrated School Governance.

Old Business

College Park Academy Discussion

The Commission would like to have more dialogue with College Park Academy about how the Academy can become more engaged in the TNI areas. There are community organizations that are interested in replicating the model throughout the County. The Commission would like to continue its discussion on College Park Academy model. Senator Rosapepe will be extended an invitation to a subsequent meeting to discuss how replication can be achieved.

New Business

Integrated School Governance Discussion

The commission members reaffirmed their support of County Executive Baker’s Integrated School Governance proposal. They appreciated the County Executive’s visit to the meeting and his update on the Integrated School Governance bill. The Commission members agreed that the final outcome of the legislation will be known in two weeks and the next meeting should focus on the Commission’s next steps. The members recommended that a meeting be scheduled on April 2nd to discuss the SB 1071’s progress and prepare recommendations for the County Executive on implementation.

Senate Bill 1071

Christian Rhodes informed the Commission members that arrangements were made for the members to conference into the Town Hall Meeting to discuss SB 1071 upon the conclusion of the meeting. A large marketing effort was made for the call and a great turnout is expected for the call. The members agreed to remain after the meeting to listen to the Town Hall Discussion.

Public Comment- Two(2) Minutes Per Person


Next Meeting

April 30,2013


The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 p.m. by unanimous consent so that members could listen to the Town Hall meeting.