Public Affairs and Community Relations Section


The Communications and Public Engagement Office

The Communications and Public Engagement Office advances the overall mission of the Department through public outreach, special events, community meetings, media facilitation, and publications/graphics development. The Section is tasked with the compilation and layout of every publication and form distributed by the Department, to include division brochures, informational packets, flyers, public notices, postcards and business cards. 

Additionally, CPEO provides customers with information related to the Department’s services and programs, and investigates complaints related to cemeteries to ensure they are run in compliance with the Code requirements governing perpetual care. Field visits are performed to at least two randomly selected county cemeteries annually.

The Policy and Legislative Affairs Section

The Policy and Legislative Affairs Section (PLAS), manages a variety of administrative office management functions for the entire agency.  PLAS prepares, tracks and responds to the legislative agenda set forth by the agency, County and State.  This section is also responsible for updating and formulating internal policies that impact the operations of the agency.

As part of the Policy and Legislative Affairs Section, the Office of Boards and Commissions has oversight for the Commission for Animal Control (CAC).  The Office of Boards and Commissions processes the following items for review by CAC:

  • Return of animals impounded by the Animal Management Division (AMD)
  • Requests to appeal citations received from AMD, such as  Animal nuisance complaints (excessive barking, running at large, odor, etc)
  • Hearing Requests (must be submitted in writing)

CAC Hearings are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 9400 Peppercorn Place, Conference Room 540 in Largo, Maryland 20774. 

Inquiries on stray animals, animal cruelty, Pit bull sightings, wildlife, dead animals, farm animals or livestock, and dog bites should be directed to AMD at (301) 780-7200.