​The Office of Emergency Management must maintain a state of readiness at all times. The Emergency Operational Center provides a continuity of operations and serves as a central command for coordinating preparedness and disaster management functions.

Activation Levels

Level 1 - Full Scale Activation of County Emergency Operations Center

In a full-scale activation, all primary and support agencies under the state or County plan are notified. The County Emergency Operations Center will be staffed by Office of Emergency Management Personnel and all Emergency Support Functions.

Level 2 - Partial Activation of County Emergency Operations Center

This is limited agency activation. All primary, or lead, Emergency Support Functions are notified. The County Emergency Operations Center will be staffed by Office of Emergency Management personnel and necessary Emergency Support Functions.

Level 3 - Monitoring Activation Phase

Level 3 is the monitoring phase. Notifications are made to State or County agencies and Emergency Support Functions who would need to take action as part of their everyday responsibilities. The Emergency Operations Center will be staffed by Office of Emergency Management personnel. 

Service/ Function

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is responsible for providing a comprehensive overview of incidents and disasters. Although they do not serve as a first responder arriving on the scene, they do collaborate with on-scene personnel to provide the coordination of resources and the necessary information to respond to incidents properly.

The Director of Emergency Management makes decisions that address the needs and priorities surrounding the incident. He is the point of contact for our County Executive, our Chief Administrative Officer and the members of the Prince George’s County Council.

The common functions of our EOC are to:

  • Provide effective and orderly governmental control and coordination of the County's emergency response during times of crisis or disaster to reduce the impact such events may have on Prince George's County residents.
  • Serve as the liaison and coordinator of State/Federal financial assistance for municipalities and County residents following County declared disasters.
  • Provide liaison coordination to the Maryland Emergency Management Agency and other local emergency management agencies and organizations.
  • Serve as a central location for information gathering and analysis, development of a common operating picture and maintenance of situational awareness for critical decision making and resource allocation.
  • Coordinate emergency public information messaging. (This messaging includes tools such as press releases, public service announcements, press conferences, etc. These tools are used to inform the public of emergencies, assess how the public reacts to emergencies and to relay information about the scope of the emergency.

The County’s Emergency Operations Center is located at the:

Prince George’s County Fire Services Building
6820 Webster Street
Landover, Hills, MD 20785

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