Summary and Precinct Results

Name Precinct Number
2010 Official Gubernatorial Primary Election Results Summary Summary
Early Voting Center 1 - Upper Marlboro Community Center Early Voting Center 1
Early Voting Center 2 - College Park Community Center Early Voting Center 2
Early Voting Center 3 - Bowie Library Early Voting Center 3
Early Voting Center 4 - Wayne K. Curry Sports & Learning Center Early Voting Center 4
Early Voting Center 5 - Oxon Hill Library Early Voting Center 5
Calverton Elementary School 001-001
Beltsville Public Library 001-002
High Point High School 001-003
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School 001-004
Beltsville Elementary School 001-005
Vansville Neighborhood Recreation Center 001-006
Riderwood Retirement Village 001-007
College Pk Ch Of The Nazarene 001-008
Bladensburg Elementary School 002-001
Cottage City Town Hall 002-002
Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School 002-003
Landover Hills Town Hall 002-004
Rogers Heights Elementary School 002-005
Beacon Heights Elementary School 002-006
Judith P. Hoyer Early Childhood Center 002-007
Bladensburg Community Center 002-008
Cooper Lane Elementary School 002-009
West Lanham Hills Recreation Center 002-010
Union United Methodist Church 003-001
Patuxent Elementary School 003-002
St. Mary of the Assumption School 003-003
Perrywood Kettering Community Park/School 003-004
Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High 003-005
First Baptist Church Of Glenarden 003-006
St. Thomas' Parish Hall 004-001
Eugene Burroughs Middle School 005-001
Harmony Hall Regional Center 005-002
Friendly High School M/P Room 005-003
Friendly High School Gym 005-004
Potomac Landing Elementary School 005-005
Tayac Elementary School 005-006
Breath of Life SDA Church 005-007
Accokeek Public Library 005-008
Fort Washington Forest Elementary School Media Center 005-009
Fort Washington Forest Elem. School M/P Rm. 005-010
Potomac Knolls Community Center 005-011
Bishop McNamara High School 006-001
Thurgood Marshall Middle School 006-002
John Eager Howard Elementary School 006-003
William Beanes Elementary School 006-004
District Heights Elementary School 006-005
Suitland High School 006-006
Skyline Elementary School 006-007
Green Valley Academy 006-008
Benjamin Stoddert Middle School 006-009
Forestville Military Academy 006-010
E. Michael Roll Municipal Building 006-011
Overlook Elementary School 006-012
Middleton Valley Elementary School 006-013
Temple Hills Community Center 006-014
Edgar Allan Poe alt. Elementary Schl 006-015
Berkshire Elementary School 006-016
Jessie B. Mason School 006-017
Princeton Elementary School 006-018
Concord Elementary School 006-019
John H. Bayne Elementary School 006-020
St. Bernadine Catholic Church Siena Hall 006-021
Andrew Jackson Middle School 006-022
North Forestville Elementary School 006-023
Marlow Heights Community Center 006-024
Woodmore Elementary School 007-001
Belair Annex 007-002
Kenilworth Elementary School 007-003
Grace Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall 007-004
Tulip Grove Elementary School 007-005
Pointer Ridge Elementary School 007-006
Heather Hills Elementary School 007-007
C. Elizabeth Rieg Special Center 007-008
Mount Oak United Methodist Church 007-009
All Saints Lutheran Church Hall 007-010
Evangel Cathedral 007-011
Mt. Ephraim/School Gym 007-012
Holy Family Catholic Church Fellowship Hall 007-013
Village Baptist Church 007-014
Collington Station H.O.A 007-015
Northview Elementary School Cafe - A 007-016
Northview Elementary School Cafe - B 007-017
Baden Elementary School 008-001
Stephen Decatur Middle School 009-001
James Ryder Randall Elementary School 009-002
F.T. Evans Elementary School M/P Rm. 009-003
Surrattsville High School 009-004
Issac Gourdine Middle School 009-005
Clinton Baptist Church 009-006
Waldon Woods Elementary School 009-007
Clinton United Methodist Church 009-008
Melwood Elementary School 009-009
Clinton Grove Elementary School 009-010
Tanglewood School 009-011
Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School 010-001
Phelps Senior Center 010-002
Laurel Elementary School 010-003
Laurel High School 010-004
Bond Mill Elementary School 010-005
James H. Harrison Elementary School 010-006
Montpelier Elementary School M/P Rm. 010-007
Deerfield Run Elementary School 010-008
Oaklands Elementary School 010-009
The Tabernacle of Laurel MD Gym 010-010
The Tabernacle of Laurel MD Unplug Room 010-011
Laurel Community Center 010-012
Laurel Volunteer Fire Department 010-013
Gwynn Park Middle School 011-001
Mattaponi Elementary School 011-002
Rosaryville Elementary School M/P Rm. 011-003
Brandywine Elementary School 011-004
John Hanson Montessori School M/P Rm. 012-001
Forest Heights Elementary School 012-002
St. Barnabas Church Hall 012-003
Valley View Elementary School 012-004
Fort Foote Baptist Church 012-005
Potomac High School 012-006
Samuel Chase Elementary School 012-007
Apple Grove Elementary School 012-008
Glassmanor Elementary School 012-009
Oxon Hill Middle School 012-010
Oxon Hill Elementary School 012-011
Oxon Hill Branch Library 012-012
G. Gardner Shugart Middle School 012-013
Indian Queen Elementary School 012-014
Avalon Elementary School 012-015
J. Frank Dent Elementary School 012-016
Allenwood Elementary School 012-017
John Carroll Elementary School 013-001
Columbia Park/Kentland Community Center 013-002
J. R. Cousins, Jr. Memorial Center 013-003
Kettering Elementary School 013-004
Charles H. Flowers High - M/P RM 013-005
Largo High School 013-006
William Paca Elementary School 013-007
Matthew Henson Elementary School 013-008
Largo-Kettering Library Conference Room 013-009
Phyllis E. Williams Elementary School 013-010
Kettering Middle School, All Counters 013-011
Ernest Everett Just Middle School 013-012
Kettering Baptist Church 013-013
Charles Herbert Flowers High School Caf. 013-014
Kingsford Elementary School 013-015
Oakcrest Elementary School M/P Rm. 013-016
Columbia Park Elementary School 013-017
High Bridge Elementary School 014-001
Duval High School 014-002
Bowie High School 014-003
Samuel Ogle Middle School 014-004
Rockledge Elementary School 014-005
Yorktown Elementary School 014-006
Glenn Dale Volunteer Fire Department 014-007
Robert Goddard Montessori School 014-008
Ascension Parish House 014-009
Holy Trinity Parish Hall 014-010
Bowie State University McKeldin Gym 014-011
Marlton Elementary School 015-001
Arrowhead Elementary Schl M/P RM 015-002
James Madison Middle School 015-003
Frederick Douglass High School 015-004
Arrowhead Elementary School Gym 015-005
Melwood Church Of The Nazarene 015-006
Edmonston Municipal Building 016-001
City of Hyattsville Municipal Building 016-002
Hyattsville Middle School 016-003
Nicholas Orem Middle School 016-004
Edmonston Rec Center 016-005
Mt. Rainier Elementary School 017-001
Brentwood Town Hall – Wohlfarth 017-002
Langley Park McCormick Elementary School 017-003
Thomas S. Stone Elementary School 017-004
Carole Highlands Elementary School 017-005
Cesar Chavez Elementary School  017-006
Rollingcrest Chillum Community Center 017-007
Hyattsville Public Library 017-008
Mary Harris Mother Jones Elementary School 017-009
Lewisdale Elementary School 017-010
Ridgecrest Elementary School 017-011
Adelphi Elementary School 017-012
Capitol Heights Elementary School 018-001
Seat Pleasant Elementary School 018-002
Cedar Heights Community Center 018-003
Doswell E. Brooks Elementary School 018-004
Robert R. Gray Elementary School M/P Rm. 018-005
Central High School 018-006
Carmody Hills Elementary School 018-007
Highland Park Elementary School 018-008
Saint Margaret Church - Omega Rm Hall 018-009
Pepper Mill Community Center Gym 018-010
Bradbury Heights Elementary School 018-011
Fairmont Heights High School Dancing Room Front Ent. 018-012
Riverdale Elementary School 019-001
Parkdale High School 019-002
University Park Elementary School 019-003
Templeton Elementary School 019-004
Templeton Elem Sch - Area B 019-005
New Carrollton Municipal Center 020-001
Community Bible Baptist Church 020-002
Ardmore Elementary School M/P Rm. 020-003
Thomas Johnson Middle School M/P Rm. 020-004
Charles Carroll Middle School 020-005
Margaret Brent Special Center 020-006
Glenarden Woods Elementary School 020-007
Seabrook Elementary School 020-008
Glenn Dale Elementary School 020-009
Good Luck Community Center 020-010
Mount Calvary Baptist Church 020-011
United Baptist Church 020-012
Grace Presbyterian Church 020-013
Paint Branch Elementary School 021-001
University of Maryland Ritchie Coliseum 021-002
Greenbelt Community Center 021-003
Hollywood Elementary School 021-004
Buck Lodge Middle School 021-005
Greenbelt Elementary School 021-006
Berwyn Heights Elementary School 021-007
Springhill Lake Elementary School 021-008
Towers of Westchester Park Building 021-009
College Park United Methodist Church 021-010
Magnolia Elementary School 021-011
St. Mark's Elementary School 021-012
Eleanor Roosevelt High School 021-013
Hillandale Baptist Church 021-014
Cherokee Lane Elementary School 021-015
Lamont Elementary School 021-016
University of Maryland/Student Union Building 021-017
Turning Point Academy 021-018
Absentee1 Absentee1
Absentee2 Absentee2
Provisional Provisional


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