Council District 5 Official Results

Name Precinct Number
2008 Official Council District 05 Special Primary Election Summary with Absentee I/Provisional Summary
Bladensburg Elementary School 002-001
Cottage City Town Hall 002-002
Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School 002-003
Rogers Heights Elementary School 002-005
Judith P. Hoyer Early Childhood Center 002-007
Bladensburg Community Center 002-008
Cooper Lane Elementary School 002-009
John Carroll Elementary School 013-001
Columbia Park/Kentland Community Center 013-002
J. R. Cousins, Jr. Memorial Center 013-003
Charles H. Flowers High - M/P RM 013-005
William Paca Elementary School 013-007
Matthew Henson Elementary School 013-008
Charles Herbert Flowers High School Caf. 013-014
Kingsford Elementary School 013-015
Oakcrest Elementary School M/P Rm. 013-016
Columbia Park Elementary School 013-017
Edmonston Municipal Building 016-001
Cedar Heights Community Center 018-003
Robert R. Gray Elementary School M/P Rm. 018-005
Fairmont Heights High School Dancing Room Front Ent. 018-012
Ardmore Elementary School M/P Rm. 020-003
Thomas Johnson Middle School M/P Rm. 020-004
Glenarden Woods Elementary School 020-007
Mount Calvary Baptist Church 020-011
Absentee1 Results - Absentee 1
Absentee2 Results - Absentee 2
Provisional Results - Provisional


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