Alisha L. Alexander, Elections Administrator

Mission Statement

The mission of the Prince George's County Board of Elections is to promote voter education, administer an efficient voting process, maintain an accurate voter registration database, and ensure that elected officials are elected in accordance with Federal, State, and County election laws.

Board Members

The Governor, by and with the consent of the Senate, appoints five persons who constitute the Board of Elections. The appointees are selected from lists furnished by the County Central Committee of the Democratic and Republican parties. The Board is responsible for the supervision of all County, State and Federal Elections held in Prince George's County.

The members currently serving are:

President John E. Rowe (R)
Vice President Beatrice P. Tignor (D)
Board Member Roberta B. Deegan (R)
Thomas J. Slezak (R)
Jaime J. Vazquez-Saldana (R)
Alternate Board Members
Olivia D. Vaughns (R)

Clement A. Gaynor, Jr. (R)

Lester W. Jones (D)

Board Attorney Robert G. McGinley, Esq.
Recording Secretary Anita C. Jones


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