Homeowners, Civic Associations & Community Groups

Please contact our office at (301) 952-3860 or email District8@co.pg.md.us to assist us in staying updated on your neighborhood happenings. Also if your group is missing, please let us know.  Additionally, if you are new to the area and would like to get involved in your neighborhood, call us to obtain contact information. We would love to hear from you!

Apple Grove Squires Woods Citizens Association

Auth Village/Camp Springs Civic Association

Barnaby Manor Citizens Association

Birchwood City/Clearview Manor Civic Association

Birchwood Civic Association

Brinkley Park Townhomes Community

Brinkley Station Townhouse Association

Brinkley Town Homeowners Association

Broad Creek Conservancy

Broad Creek Citizens Association

Broad Creek Historic District Advisory Committee

Brook Manor Civic Association

Brooke Homeowners Association

Brookside Park Condominium

Cambridge Estates Home Owners Association

Camp Springs Civic Association

Chapel Hill Citizens Association

Citizens Association of Friendly, Inc.

Clinton Citizens Association

Clinton Hills Civic Association

Clinton Manor Tenant Council

Clinton View Civic Association

Clinton View Home Owners Association

Clinton Woods Civic Association

Cloverleaf Avenue Citizens Association

Concerned Citizens of Lamarck Drive

Concerned Citizens of Lynnalan Acres

Crestview Area Citizens Association

Forest Heights Recreation Council

Fort Washington Estates Citizens Association

Glassmanor Civic Association

Gordon's Corner Citizens Association

Greater South County Coalition

Greenfield Estates Civic Association

Henderson Road Neighborhood Watch

Henson Valley Civic Association

Hillcrest Heights Civic Association

Hillcrest/Marlow Heights Civic Association

Huntley Square Condominium Association

Indian Head Hwy. Area Action Council

Kilbourne Estates Civic Association

Larwin Neighborhood Group

Livingston Woods Home Owners Association

Lynn Allan Acres Civic Association

Maplewood Civic Association

Marlow Heights Community Coalition

Marlow Olson Condominium

Mary Catherine Estates Civic Association

Mt. Airy Estates Home Owners Association

Murray Hill Citizens Association



Neighbors of Schultz Subdivision

New England Estates Home Owners Association

North Clinton Citizens Community Association

Oak Orchard Community Association

Oaklawn Community Civic Association

Olde Time Heights Home Owners Association

Oxon Hill Vista Civic/Community Association

Pennyton Estates Civic Association

Pine Plains Civic Association

Pinewood Hills Condominium

Piscataway Hill Citizens Association

Portabello Homeowners Association

Potomac Valley Citizens Association

Prophecy Home Owners Association

River Gate Estates Home Owners Association

Riverbend Citizens Home Owners Association

Riverbend Estates Neighborhood Association

Rosecroft Commons Condominiums

South County Economic Development Association

Smoot Bay Association

South PGC Coalition Home Owners Association

South Potomac Civic Association

South Prince George's CCFA

Southlawn Citizens Association

St. Barnabas Home Owners Association

St. Barnabas Village Home Owners Association

Sunrise Home Owners Association

Surratts Garden Civic Association

Surratts Gardens Community Association 

Tantallon Citizens Association

Tantallon North Area Citizens Association

Tantallon North Area Civic Association

Tantallion South Civic Association

Tantallon South Civic Association

Tantallon Square Area Civic Association

Temple Hills Estates Citizens Association

Temple Hills Park Civic Association

The Silesia Citizens Association

The Woods/Sable Point Civic Association

Tor Bryan Estates Civic Association

Town of Forest Heights

Treasure Cove Residents Organization

Villages of Camp Springs Civic Association

Windbrook Area Civic Association

Woodlane Neighborhood Watch

Woodside Village Residents Association






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