District 6

Prince George's County, Maryland


For Immediate Release: 8/22/2013 3:00 PM

Contact: Karen D. Campbell 301-952-5182 CouncilMedia@co.pg.md.us

The selection of Largo Town Center as the site for the County's new Regional Hospital and medical campus is exciting news for the communities of District 6. 

Prince George’s County residents have waited a long time for access to quality and affordable healthcare, and because of a lot of hard work invested by committed stakeholders, including the County Council; today's announcement of a site selection puts us all much closer to our destination.

I want to thank our District 6 residents for their partnership and strong support of the Largo Town Center Sector Plan, my work on the EDC-Economic Development Strategic Plan Steering Committee, and the Central Avenue-Metro Blue Line Corridor Planning Team.   I believe that these initiatives and the participation of our residents were integral in the consideration of Largo Town Center as the new hospital site.  Access to quality and affordable healthcare is a priority of this Council, and it has certainly been a top priority of mine as the elected representative for District 6. 

I commend the Site Selection Committee and all healthcare stakeholders, for choosing Largo Town Center.  The new Regional Hospital will be an anchor for critical Transit-Oriented Development and Redevelopment of the Boulevard at the Capital Center, and an anchor along the Metro Blue Line Corridor.  County residents, who have been seeking medical care at facilities in neighboring jurisdictions, will be able to receive preventive and medical treatment at home.  And with the University of Maryland Medical System's strong reputation for research, we expect heightened opportunities for more research-oriented life science development in the County.  

On behalf of the District 6 residents I am privileged to represent, we look forward to breaking ground at the Largo Town Center site.