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Municipalities and Associations

District 3 Municipalities and Associations



Citizen and Homeowner Associations

For more details on the boundaries and contacts for these associations, please contact Wanda Brooks 301-952-3060, wjbrooks@co.pg.md.us. If you are interested in starting a civic association in the district, please call our office.

  • Ardwick Ardmore Civic Association
  • Beacon Heights Citizens Association
  • Bellemeade Citizens Association
  • Berwyn District Civic Association
  • Calvert Hills Citizen Association
  • Carleton East Apartment Neighborhood Watch
  • Chelsea Wood Condominium, Inc
  • College Heights Estates Association, Inc.
  • College Park Estates Civic Association
  • College Park (North) Citizens Association
  • Dresden Green Citizens Association
  • Eastpines Civic Association
  • Four Seasons Homeowners Association
  • Glenn Dale Citizens Association
  • Glenn Estates Homeowners Association
  • Glenridge Citizens Association
  • Glenwood Park Civic Association
  • Hanson Oaks Homeowners Association
  • Hynesboro Park-Greenwood Forest Neighborhood
  • Kingswood Civic Association
  • Lakeland Civic Association
  • Lincoln Vista Civic Association
  • Madison Hills Homeowners Association
  • Old Town Civic Association
  • Riverdale Heights/Riverdale Hills/Crestwood Community Association
  • Riverdale Overlook HOA
  • Seabrook Acres Neighborhood Association
  • Seabrook Recreation Council
  • Templeton Knolls Citizen Association
  • University Park Civic Association
  • West College Park Citizens Association
  • West College Park Neighborhood Watch
  • West Lanham Hills Citizen Association
  • Woodlark Homeowners & Neighbors Association, Inc
  • Woodlawn Citizens Association
  • Wood Point Homeowners Association
  • Woodstream East HOA Association
  • Woodstream Village Homeowners Association
  • Woodstream Recreation Council
  • Yarrow Citizens Association
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