Code Orange Air Quality: affects sensitive groups

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Important County Contacts

Prince George's County Government Contact Number
Will Campos
County Council District II 301.952.4436
County Executive 301.952.4131
County General Information 301.350.9700
TDD 301.925.5167
Police (non-emergency): 301.333.4000
District I Prince George's County Police Station 301.699.7632
Department of Environmental Resources
Animal Management 301.499.8300
Bulk Trash 301.952.7600
Community (Standards) Services 301.883.6100
Abandoned Vehicles 301.952.1873
Department of Family Services
Administration on Aging 301.265.8450
Mental Health and Disabilities Administration 301.985.3890
Administration for Children, Youth & Families 301.265.8446
Department of Public Works & Transportation
Help Desk 301.499.8520
Highway Maintenance  301.499.8523
Transportation 301.883.5700
Department of Social Services 301.209.5000
Prince George's County Health Department 301.883.7879
Prince George's Hospital Center: 301.618.2000
Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission
Planning Board 301.952.3560
Memorial Library System: 301.699.3500
Prince George's Public Schools: 301.952.6000
Additional Contacts of Importance
Call-A-Lawyer Program (Prince George's County Bar Association) 301.864.8353
Maryland State Motor Vehicle Administration (Customer Service) 800.950.1682 ext 2
Pepco, Electrical Emergency  877.737.2662
Pharmacy Assistance Program 800.226.2142
Poison Control 800.222.1222
Social Security Administration 800.772.1213
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) 301.206.8000
Washington Gas Emergency 703.750.1400
Consumer Protection 410.528.8662
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